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We are a bunch of fun loving divers who lover to get together to dive, have fun, drink, and involve ourselves in dive related activities. Join the group to meet other divers like yourself.

Not a diver yet? We can help you arrange classes.

The club holds happy hours in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, and Annapolis areas. We also do local diving on the weekend and arrange national and international dive trips.

Share you dive photos and if you have a dive event in mind, let us know and we'll get the trip rolling. See you in the Water!

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Lake Phoenix Diving & Camping with Underwater Pumpkin Carving & Chili Cookoff

Making the Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest a weekend event. I will be arriving either Thursday evening or early Friday with a trailer. If you would like me to bring your tent down and set it up on Friday, please get it to me by Wed night or Thursday Noon. If I am able to secure a garage for the trailer, I can take additional gear down and/or pick up gear the weekend prior. I'm currently planning a chili cookoff, if you would like to try your hand. Standard food handling practices will apply. You can cook on site or you can bring it cold and in a cooler, and then reheat it to a simmer. We are planning to have electricity, so you can us a crock pot, or you can use a camping stove. Let me know if you need help with arranging a heat source. Bring enough to at least sample out and provide a few bowls. Everyone eating will be able to vote for the winning chili. We will be following best practices for COVID as determined by CDC and the Divers Alert Network. The club will provide hand sanitizer, latex and food service gloves, N95 masks, and disinfectant wipes (to wipe down tank knobs, etc.). I’ll provide more information about food and other details soon, but at this point, I’m planning of also cooking a leg of lamb either Friday or Saturday night. You should plan to bring a chair to sit in, and your own tent. We can use punch cards for admission and air. Let me know if you would prefer Nitrox or Air. If you are diving Nitrox, you will have to go up and get your own tanks so that you can log the mix, etc. Remember that plans may change due to weather. If you have tables, a pop-up tent, or a camping stove that you can bring, let me know. We may need some additional, depending on the size of the group. I’ll update the event by Oct 1 and as needed thereafter.

Zombie Appocolypse Diver Certification

Lake Phoenix

Yes, this is a real certification, from PADI. Instruction and certification will be provided by our friends at The Dive Shop Richmond. www.thediveshoprichmond.com Cost: $175 includes Book, Lake Fee, Instructor Fees, Certification Fee Optional $10 Zombie Lunch You can find out more info about the certification by going to http://www.zombieapocalypsediver.com/Welcome.html This event will be in conjunction with the Pumpkin Carving Contest through Adventure Scuba, and the weekend of Diving with the club. There will be a lot of activities, so come on down. From the Zombie Apocalypse Diver website. Picture this: You and your family have just arrived at your island paradise. You landed three hours late, your airline lost the luggage and the bar is closed. How could this vacation get any worse? You ask yourself quietly. Then suddenly you have your answer: Zombies! The Zombie Apocalypse has happened, and hordes of the walking dead are aimlessly moving about. Your vacation was an inconvenience, now it is a disaster. Zombies are approaching fast and looking for their next meal: You. Searching for any means of escape you can find it dawns on you....you have the most sought-after SCUBA certification in the world, you are a certified Zombie Apocalypse Diver! How will this story end? That is up to you! Will you become another member of the zombie hoard or will you be able to survive the apocalypse alive and well? 98% of divers feel they are unprepared for a zombie apocalypse according to a recent survey we created and then falsified. To answer this incredibly high demand, we created a fun and challenging dive course to allow divers of all levels a chance to hone their skills for an impending apocalypse. If you've been diving for years, or are brand new then this course has something for you. Each student will be given a copy of the Zombie Apocalypse Diver Student Manual and Survival Guide. This book won the highly coveted Pulitzer Prize*. Successful completion of the course will entitle each student to a Zombie Apocalypse Diver certification. This class was designed with the diver in mind. You will learn: • Zombie Biology • Zombie History • Types of Zombies • Real Life Zombies • Survival Skills • Buoyancy Skills • Search and Recovery Skills • Rescue Skills • First-Aid Skills Upon successful completion of the course: A plethora, yes a plethora, of accolades will be bestowed upon the diver. First and foremost is a certificate suitable for framing. Not that there are any frames left after the apocalypse, but you can use it as kindling. Second you get your PADI certification card which clearly states that you hold the rank of Zombie Apocalypse Diver! Not that anyone will check your C-card after the world ends.

Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest @ Lake Phoenix

Lake Phoenix

Get in the Halloween spirit by testing out your underwater pumpkin carving skills! Join the dive club and Aquatic Adventures, for a fun weekend of diving, pumpkin carving and camping. We are still getting all the details from Aquatic Adventures, who are running the Pumpkin Carving contest. The last time we did this with them, they charged $35 for the Pumpkin Carving, lunch, and admission. Please bring a hollowed out pumpkin. There will be prizes for the best pumpkins. Please call Aquatic Adventures at[masked] or stop by the store to register prior to the event. Not interested in carving a pumpkin? Come on down for some fun dives, or just to hone your photo/video skills. You couldn't ask for a better subject than an under water pumpkin carving contest in the local area. The club will be camping the weekend, weather permitting. If you are joining us for the entire weekend, please also sign up on the weekend event. We are looking to do a chili cookoff and possibly a Zombie Apocalypse Certification class that weekend too (if there is enough interest).

Washington Area Scuba Club - Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour

Location visible to members

Babble about Bubbles and More! 1st “Thirsty” Thursday of Every Month Come join fellow recreational and professional divers, new members interested in becoming a diver and those interested in learning more about the underwater world for some great conversation, food and drinks. Dogwood Tavern, located in Falls Church, VA, is centrally located to many of our members in the National Capital Region and is a great indoor/outdoor venue with ample seating, music and parking. While not convenient for all, we encourage you to come out when your schedule permits and be part of the Washington Area Scuba Club family. Aside from meeting members that have a passion for diving, we discuss everything from favorite dive locations, cool dive gear, diver safety, non-dive events that promote underwater awareness, updating/upgrading certs and skills, share pics of previous trips and discuss new ideas for future club events. As a bonus, if 20 members sign-up and take part in this monthly event, the host will raffle off a dive related prize to add to your dive kit. Raffle tickets will be $1 each with no limit on amount purchased. If you work for a shop and can get a few donated items, please give to the host and the club will send a thank you card to the shop for their support. Kindly ask that if you RSVP and cannot attend, please update the RSVP to reflect not coming. The host requests seating based on number of RSVPs. This is a non-fee event but donations are always welcomed. Donations collected go to Meet-up yearly membership fees, club banners, equipment to support dive events, prizes etc. Look forward to seeing you at one of our future events!

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