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Wreck Shark Shootout 2018
Registration is open for Wreck Shark Shootout 2018. From what I hear, people are already signing up and the event is sure to sell out this year. I think there are only 40 spots, total. The Wreck Shark Shootout is an event ostensibly for the purpose of having a photo and video contest. But, it's a ton of fun, even if you don't shoot any pictures or video. There will be 2 dives per day. Every dive is on a wreck that is usually well stocked with sand tiger sharks. The sand tigers are totally docile and so awesome to swim with! On the Saturday night of the event, there is a big dinner for everyone and prizes are awarded for the best photos and videos of sharks and wrecks. The last 2 years, 1st prize in each category was a full week liveaboard somewhere (Palau, the Caribbean, etc.). The Grand Prize for Best Overall photo has been a week liveaboard on the M/V Odyssey, in Truk Lagoon. 2nd Place in each category have typically been things like underwater strobes (i.e. camera flash units), regulators, etc.. Prizes are awarded for the top 3 entries in each category. Caveat: There is no guarantee of what the prizes will be this year. The diving is suitable for any recreational diver who meets the minimum requirements of Olympus Dive Center. Those are on their website, here: Basically, you should at least have Advanced Open Water and at least 20 dives. If you have any concerns about that or would like to attend but don't feel you meet the requirements, please feel to talk to me. I am an instructor for Coral Edge Adventures and I would be happy to work with you to get you ready for North Carolina wreck diving. There is even the potential to use the days right before the event officially starts to finish any training you want to do while we are there. But, from Thursday on, I am there to have fun and take pictures, not work! :-) I have attended this event the last 2 years (2016 and 2017). My buddy flew over from England to do it in 2016 and he enjoyed it so much he came back for 2017 and he's coming again for 2018. Yes, it is that much fun. I have marked this event as running from May 31 thru June 3. But, there are 2 days of "recon" diving, on May 29 and 30. And there are two days of Megalodon Tooth diving on June 4 and 5. I *think* the Meg tooth dives are already booked full, but I'm not sure. I am going down to dive from May 29 through June 4. I will do the first day of Meg tooth diving and then head home. If anyone wanted to go even earlier, in order to do some pre-recon days training, I could probably be persuaded. ;-) My buddy and I are planning to stay at the Bask Hotel (the official hotel of the event). For full details on the event and to sign up, go to the event website at: If you register for the event, be sure and come back here and RSVP so we can all keep up with who is going from the meetup.

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