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This group, Washington, DC Pick-up Soccer, is the biggest coed soccer group in DC. We play year-round, but have far more games during the summer when daylight lasts past about 6:45 PM, and people can just walk to games after work. Everyone is welcome and it is free to join!

Attending our mall games allows you to become part of a long tradition, and it's a great way of getting to know new, healthy, and friendly people in a casual setting. Currently, we have three games per week near the mall and two near Maryland. Do you know the secret reason for Marine One (https://youtu.be/CHgxfJgRHsk?t=16s)’s flight path? It's because the president, like any sensible person, enjoys watching a good game of the world's greatest sport and it gives him a perfect 45° viewing angle! (Hehe. Just kidding. The truth is that he is usually deprived of this pleasure, because we pause play to gawk back.)

Tourists without any cleats getting bored of seeing exhibits in DC’s 261 museums (http://www.yelp.com/search?find_desc=museums&find_loc=Washington%2C+DC&ns=1#find_desc=Museums&start=0&cflt=museums) are especially welcome; the Organizer (Jason Taylor) actually likes to think that if all people were forced to interact more (http://jasontaylor.us/#world_peace) and specifically had to play soccer together at least once in the extended back yard of the world’s most powerful leader, we’d all, regardless of what language we speak, the color we are, our gender, etc., be one step closer to world peace:


After games, we sometimes chat a bit while we change shoes and get ready to walk home. Relax! Don't be too rushed or too shy. Ask other players which way they are walking or going. Get their direct contact information. You may find it handy when the weather is iffy or when the security people moved our game to "an undisclosed location." Aside from building your own network, more communication and discussion allows everyone to contribute and cooperate to make games better.

RSVP liberally, but always check if there are enough RSVPs before going. Ideally, please put on your profile roughly where you live so others who rsvped without a car know who to ask for rides. Before heading out, it can help to review the RSVP list to remember names of players with face pictures on their profile. (Knowing the names of your teammates helps you communicate with them during the game.) If you arrive late, count the number of colors and non-colors or whites vs. darks to know which side you should probably join. Unless the organizer says otherwise, you can just join the side with fewer players, but the best thing is to wait until another player arrives and go on opposite teams simultaneously.

Each game location/venues has different players and organizers. Parking near the mall games during the week is difficult because they overlap with rush hour, but for the Tidal Basin games try Ohio Drive. Parking at other games is better. If you know of a good field closer to you and are willing to host and organize your own weekly game let me (Jason) know. If we can get a backup co-organizer I will probably decide to green light your venue and you will have no problem getting the players you need for hosting your own game. This flexibility we allow is why we don't allow the opposite (player recruitment or "poaching" of our best players for for own and probably expensive league not a part of our mostly free group) unless it helps the group overall. Call me at 301-277-1909 if you see any such behavior or have questions. That effort would be better spent helping our own games become better. Also let me know if you see any errors in any game descriptions, directions on where to meet, or have an idea of how to improve.

Curious why we have a treasurer (https://www.meetup.com/dcsoccer/messages/boards/thread/37501532) when our games are usually free? The reason is because we are trying to improve our games by supplying all co-organizers with portable Pass goals (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHnfUYPLbR0). A set is only $80 and shrinks to the size of a briefcase suitable carrying on the Metro. If you would like to donate funds for goals and can spare $5 please hit the green chip in button (https://secure.meetup.com/dcsoccer/contribute/). I hereby promise that 100% of any donations will either go towards goals or will otherwise be spent to make the games better. (I don't mind the fact that I pay for all meetup fees out of my own pocket since doing this actually allowed me to save money from being able to cancel my old $125/month sport and health membership. I personally preferred playing soccer with cool people over boring gym machines anyway. ) Selfish donations (earmarked only to make games you already are going to better) are especially encouraged.

We hope to see you at our next game!

Jason Arthur Taylor (http://jasontaylor.us/), Organizer for Washington, DC Pick-up Soccer (https://www.meetup.com/dcsoccer/) and Safer Soccer (https://www.meetup.com/safersoccer)

P.S. I respond within 48 hours to all communications made directly to me including meetup.com chats; if you messaged me for any reason and I didn't respond, I didn't actually get your meetup.com message. Please email a copy and phone it.

P.P.S. Washington, DC Pick-up Soccer is not liable for any injuries that may occur while playing. By attending our games, you accept full responsibility of your person and belongings, waiving any right to hold the group, the field owners, or the field caretakers responsible.

Upcoming events (4+)

Sunday Chevy Chase Morning Game

Needs a location

If you are willing to join us reserve your spot in advance. No waitlist show ups

  • No-shows will be taken very seriously. You will lose your privilege to RSVP and possible ban from the club.

If your plans change or you can not make it please change your RSVP ASAP so that others can take your spot.

Please wear turf shoes (no cleats) in this field.

Please use a clear profile picture so it is easier for us to know each other. if you don't have a clear picture, the host might cancel your rsvp.

Quincy park, Arlington VA

Needs a location

Please bring white and dark shirts
Small grass field.
If we get too many people. Split into two games
Read comments below for latest info.

Soccer Zero

Needs a location

● Ultra-light ball (~1/8th as heavy as a normal 5). This allows zero chances of ball causing brain injury. (Hence the name, Soccer Zero.) It's also nice to do toe kicks!
● Injury-based foul system. This means that the rules apply even for same-team-side fouls, too. You can use your hands to protect yourself from the ball; hand balls are only called if you did it to gain an advantage. Yellow cards are 1/2 point to the other team. Note that the team causing the foul kicks off. Strong kicks of balls to anyone's head, called "face kicks", or nuts (for male players only), are yellow-card fouls even though the ball is so light it doesn't matter as much. This penalizes inconsiderate play, something we really do care about. Reckless players or anyone getting a red card is banned. (Before heading, you need to have an idea of where other nearby players are.) So, as an example, if you kicked the ball at high speed to your teammate's head it is half a point to the other team, and your team kicks off.
● No out of bounds. This makes it more interesting and easier to ref.
● No offsides.
● No goalies for the senior team. (The senior team is the one that is ahead in points.) This rule is used in place of an offsides rule, since it implies you cannot win by sticking some fat player who stands in front of their relatively small Pugg goal all day long.
● Next point wins. The purpose of this rule is to prevent people from not caring at all if the score becomes very lopsided. However, it is not guaranteed any game will end this way. This keeps the incentive to try to to win using the traditional point system. At the 10-minute warning, if the scores are 2 or more different, the ref will ask the captain of the junior team if they want to have a next point wins ending. If the answer is yes, the captain of the senior team will be asked he they want to challenge it. If the answer is yes a coin is tossed. If the captain of the senior team correctly guesses the coin toss then there is no next point wins ending and whoever has the most points in 10 minutes wins the game. Players who cannot understand the rationale of this rule or who disrupt games by arguing about it could be de-rsvped from future games.
● Goal resizing. Sometimes a strong player comes on mid-game after teams were picked by the two captains. If someone like Ronaldo joins a team and/or both captains agree to goal resizing to make the game more balanced the game will be stopped and the goal sizes altered to make it more even.

Games are in Silver Spring, MD. They are reffed. Clean red and blue pinnies are supplied. A weekly invitation including a recap of the prior week's game is sent out to any players who want to read it. See here (https://www.meetup.com/safersoccer/boards/thread/23643732/0/).

RSVPs aren't required but players who come but don't RSVP early are questionable. The reason is that it should increase their own enjoyment. You see, the ideal number of players for a pickup soccer game is perhaps 6x6 - 8x8; some players won't attend if they think the turnout will be low, and others will just assume the game will be cancelled even though we always play. (As a practical matter, smaller games are less fun since the comics won't have the audience they need, but, they do have two hidden benefits: shorter, more intense games/workouts and fewer face kicks/yellow cards. So we play no matter how small or large.) So non-RSVPers are a little short sighted, since they don't seem to want to maximize their own enjoyment in the long run. Rational and sane players who have a good chance of attending RSVP a week early here and in the subgroup. But, not all of our players are rational, so expect more people to show up than the # of RSVPs showing here.

Location map (cut & paste url into a browser)(park on Plyers Mill):


Small Sided Passing and Movement Pick-Up Soccer

Needs a location

Hey There DMV Soccer Community ,

We are Picking up some Small Sided Soccer Again this winter season on the D.C. Maryland Boarder in Silver Spring.

We will use the Tennis Courts At Jessup Blair Park where there is Night Lights and and enclosed arena. This area is enjoyable because it allows for more touches on the ball , with more movement around the field. ( Tennis Court Long Ways , with Pugg Goals )Bring a white, light, AND a dark color or black shirt, a good size 5 ball, and PUGG goals (if you have them).

We are aware of Covid Precautions and follow all the local and state regulations for the spread of COVID-19. We ask you bring a mask or a neck warmer to put over your face while playing, Not mandatory , but we all want to keep each other safe. Since it will be cold this gear will most likely be worn anyway.

Bring a Light and Dark Color Jersey so we can dynamisize play. More than competitive we all want to play good soccer , and make it fun and entertaining for all. No warm sided matches , New players and advanced players welcome , here we want to get active and have fun in the evenings afterwork.

We will test out this Meetup to see how it goes for a few weeks , Please RSVP so we know how many to expect , if there is less than 6 , we may just cancel. Minimum fun is around 3v3 we've found , we can mix up teams and play for a bit. The more the better as you can imagine. The field has hosted about 30 people in the past so , we will see how it starts up. We enjoy the field because there is soccer tennis for touches good space for passing. ext. Come 20-30 mins earlier to warm up and create a welcoming environment for first timers to come on in. You'll be able to see us from the Road , and there is parking.

If you Have pugs Goals to bring , please do. it will compliment the current gear and equipment we will bring out for some community activity with our members.

Again , Our safety is our priority , if you don't feel well. Stay Home , We want to enable a fun and enjoyable and consistent atmosphere for people to come together and play.

Sending Regards and See you on the Pitch!

New addition and "Rule" for the meet-up group , If you score you have to perform a 3 second goal celebration
for entertainment purposes and morale boosting purposes in the fight against Covid.

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