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Since the dawn of civilization we've organized ourselves through top down, centralized institutions. Just like fish are unaware they are in water, we are unaware we live in a centralized world because it's all we have ever known.

Now there's a radically different way of organizing that can be more ethical, egalitarian, efficient, transparent, and less prone to corruption than our centralized models.

Blockchain technology is the holy grail of decentralization because it allows people to come to consensus using open source software instead of entrusting power into human representatives that may have ulterior motives.

The Blockchain along with the Internet, 3D printers, and Solar energy makes up the unstoppable megatrend of Decentralization & signposts the rise of the Collaborative Commons.

We'll be screening a presentation on "The Four Pillars of a Decentralized Society", followed by an open dialogue. No experience required if you're interested come on down!

You'll also have the chance to meet:

4 Ethereans from Vancouver Ethereum & Blockchain 2.0 Meetup (

2 Open Scientists from The Open Science Network (DIYbio Vcr) (

4 Explorers from Alternative Living (

A total of 10 people are expected to attend!

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