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What we’re about

A DC area Urban Exploration group to connect local explorers and to discover what the DC area has to offer. If you love decay and abandoned buildings then this group is for you. We are an active group that travels near and far to find the hidden treasures that are left behind. We have a variety of events focusing on certain areas and their abandonments and enjoy camping, hiking and even kayaking to find these places. We also encourage sharing of photos and seeking out new locations with scouting events. If you're interested fill out the profile questions and let us know how you would like to get involved. (Please note, that if you do not fill out all of your profile questions, we cannot gauge your interest, and you will not be accepted into the group). Please be advised, exploring abandoned and decaying places can be a dangerous activity. By joining this group as a legal adult, you take full personal responsibility for your own well-being; no person in the group, including leadership, shall be in any way liable for personal injury of any type.