Killing Fibonacci - Dan Sharp

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Killing Fibonacci: A Journey of 10 Lessons - Dan Sharp

Testing is an important part of the development lifecycle of any software solution. It is particularly important in the Ruby community with lots of real and perceived pressure to test first, test often and test fully (or at least 90% coverage, right?). However, many Rubyists don't test... or don't test enough... or even worse: don't test well. I believe this is due, in large part, to a communal pressure to "be all about testing" but without some good, practical advice on how to do that... or even just how to get started with TDD. This presentation is a journey into the past... to guide and teach a fledgling TDDer 10 lessons on how to begin and succeed with TDD. The current me offers some much-needed counsel to an 8-years-ago version of me on how to approach TDD and begin to embrace it as a Good Thing™. I use the Fibonacci sequence as a backdrop of the lessons and how to build out a short application via TDD. Stay to the end, because there's a very interesting surprise in store!

I've seen this talk, and Dan provides some great insights on how practicing TDD can provide rich support for deep domain modeling - Paul.


6:30pm - 7pm Food & drink (including alcohol) provided and conversation
7pm - Announcements
7:05pm - Killing Fibonacci presentation - Dan Sharp
~8:30pm - Conversation!

About Dan

Dan is a life-long geek, having been fascinated with computers since early childhood. He cut his teeth, like many, on Java and PHP, but found Ruby via Ruby on Rails in 2005... building one of the first successful Rails-based SaaS ventures… and never looking back. These days, Dan works as Senior Software Architect with the Nexia™ team at Ingersoll Rand, affording him the luxury of a startup environment backed by a multi-billion dollar company. He resides in Golden, CO with his wife and two children. When not hacking code, he's usually lost in the back country somewhere, enjoying the great outdoors.