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#10: New Ways of Thinking

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For this meetup, we'll have two talks by DDD Belgium members:

1. "Modelling Heuristics", by Mathias Verraes

2. "DDD, CQRS and ES: Lessons learned", by Gitte Vermeiren

The meetup is kindly hosted QFrame (

We start at 18:30, food and drinks will be provided by QFrame.

The event is free and is open to everybody who is interested in Domain-Driven Design. Registration is required, places are limited. Please only register if you intend to come.

1. Modelling Heuristics

"How do you approach software modelling problems?”

When a client asked me about my mental process, I didn’t have a proper answer — yet. The question intrigued me. Do you need a propensity for modelling, or is it a learnable skill? I embarked on a mission to find modelling heuristics: the mental tools, that help us look at the problem from different angles; the little tricks to validate a model before we build it; the rules of thumb that lead us to iteratively refine our solutions. In this talk, I share some of the ideas I collected from books, from people I interviewed, and from my own experiences.

Speaker bio:

Mathias Verraes is a recovering music composer turned programmer, blogger, and speaker. He’s the owner of Value Object Comm.V, a small consultancy company. As a technical and strategic advisor, Mathias helps teams to build enterprise applications for complex business domains. For some weird reason, he enjoys improving legacy projects. He’s the founder of the Belgian Domain-Driven Design community. Mathias lives in Kortrijk, Belgium, where he reads books, and invents crazy Lego structures with his two boys.

2. DDD, CQRS and ES: Lessons learned

DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing are all based on simple principles. Yet, using them on a project brings with it big challenges and new ways of thinking.

In this session Gitte will give you the real life story of how DDD, CQRS and ES was used on her latest project and how she bumped into quite some walls while doing it. You will get an overview of the basic buildup of the application and of the points of most friction. Gitte will also try and give some solutions to the problems the project team went through.

Speaker bio:

Gitte Vermeiren is a software developer and coach at QFrame. She is passionate about new technologies, and always tries to keep a realistic view on them.