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Iterating over models, experimenting with visualizations, and growing a Ubiquitous Language, are core ideas in Domain-Driven Design. Let's practice! We'll split up in groups. A domain expert will talk about their business, and we'll apply Model Storming, Event Storming, drawing, UML, ERD, CRC, interpretative dance, and pretty much every technique under the sun to explore and understand the problems and the solutions. Facilitators will help you out, so no prior experience is necessary. Schedule:


Universiteitslaan 9 · 3500 Hasselt

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    We are a group of software developers, ranging from noobs to veterans, who meet up regularly at different places in Belgium. We aim to spread the ideas of Domain-Driven Design, and become better Software Craftsmen, by teaching and learning. We are technology-agnostic. We are open, self-organized, and inclusive. Everybody is invited to join and participate!

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