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We are a group of software developers, ranging from noobs to veterans, who meet up regularly at different places in Belgium. We aim to spread the ideas of Domain-Driven Design, and become better Software Craftsmen, by teaching and learning. We are technology-agnostic. We are open, self-organized, and inclusive. Everybody is invited to join and participate!

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Barry O'Reilly on Residuality Theory

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DO NOT USE MEETUP TO RSVP. Instead, visit https://www.ae.be/residuality-theory-an-introduction


During this evening session, Barry will introduce us to the basic principles behind the Residuality theory, a revolutionary new theory of software design that aims to make it easier to design software systems for complex business environments.

Residuality theory models software systems as interconnected residues - an alternative to component and process modeling that uses applied complexity science to make managing uncertainty a fundamental part of the design process.


18h00 - Welcome with food & drinks
19h00 - An introduction to Residuality Theory by Barry O'Reilly
20h00 - Q&A & drinks

About the speaker

Barry O’Reilly is the founder of Black Tulip Technology and creator of ”Antifragile System Design”. He has held Chief Architect roles at Microsoft and IDesign, been Microsoft’s IOT TAP Lead for Western Europe, and Worldwide Lead for Microsoft’s Solution Architecture Community. He has also been a start-up CTO, and was a founder of Sweden’s Azure User Group.

Who is it for?

  • Software architects
  • Analysts
  • Software crafters

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