(Di|Con)vergent Mob Refactoring by Pim Elshoff & Joop Lammerts

Domain-Driven Design Belgium
Domain-Driven Design Belgium
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Diestsevest 32c/0 · Leuven

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Programmers come in all kinds and sizes. But we’ve found that there is one major distinction that keeps us from working together. Optimistic programmers tend to come up with solutions quickly, while not always respecting the problem. Pessimistic programmers tend to come up with questions quickly, while not always respecting simpler solutions. Working together can be difficult.

Through experience Joop and Pim have developed The Attitude Model. Since we started working this way, team happiness has been up, frustration has been down and every single member gets their chance to shine.

Are you tired of slugging through? Then come join us and learn about diverging and converging, *the* solution to working together in beautiful harmony.

The workshop code is available on GitHub at https://github.com/procurios/diconvergent

18:30 - Drinks and food*
19:30 - Workshop
22:30 - Lessons learned

Kindly hosted by Kunlabora (https://www.kunlabora.be/)

* vegetarian options provided, let us know if you have other dietary requirements