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This group aims to bring people together that are interested in learning or adopting Domain Driven Design, share experiences, discuss design problems and promote DDD culture in businesses and their teams. Join us to discuss what the benefits to business enterprises are, how to build a culture and how to properly implement Domain Driven Design. We are language agnostic.

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#17: Intro to CQRS, ES and Q&A with Savvas Kleanthous [online, in Greek]

Hello DDDers, It's been a while since our last meetup. For our next online event we will be welcoming Savvas Kleanthous, Head of Engineering at ParcelVision Ltd. In this event, Savvas will be doing a quick introduction (in Greek) to Command-Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event Sourcing (ES), with a focus on what they are (and perhaps more importantly what they aren't), before opening the floor for questions. In the second section of the meetup, people will be given the chance to ask any question they may have about CQRS and ES, like: 1. Can / Should you use event streaming platforms to do event sourcing? 2. Is event sourcing really complicated? 3. Why is CQRS and ES always mentioned together? 4. Do you need to do DDD to succeed with CQRS and ES? 5. What are the biggest gotchas when working with CQRS and ES? It is this second section of the event which is the focus of this meetup, and the aim is to leave approximately one hour for it. This is a safe environment to ask absolutely any question you may have about either CQRS or Event Sourcing, or how these interact with your system/architecture. This will help you fill in any gaps that Savvas himself experienced when first introduced to these subjects. If you want to ask any questions, at any time during the session you can either: 1. Write your question in the relevant section in the Miro board here: https://miro.com/app/board/o9J_kkXCfcU=/ 2. Write your question on Zoom chat The event will be in Greek. Agenda: 18:30-19:00 will be the quick introduction to ES and CQRS 19:00-20:00 will be the Q & A session. Savvas Kleanthous is the head of engineering at ParcelVision Ltd. Savvas always had a big interest in high-throughput and low latency systems and is a passionate advocate of DDD and microservices. He has experience designing, implementing and delivering systems using CQRS and ES, and also has worked in many different sectors including gaming, telco, logistics, and financial. All the best, DDDGreece meetup team (https://twitter.com/dddgreece)

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#15: Workshop: Projections 101, Part 2 + Event Sourcing


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