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#3 Property-Based Testing with F#

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Mark Seemann (@ploeh (

Programmer/architect. Author of Dependency Injection in .NET ( Creator of AutoFixture (

Property-Based Testing with F#

Types + Properties = Software

Given a sufficiently strong type system, you can model your problem domain in such a way that invalid states become unrepresentable. This is one of the corner stones of encapsulation, but requires a lot of effort in mainstream object-oriented languages. In functional languages like F# and Haskell, on the other hand, this is possible using a purely declarative approach to types.

Once your types can guarantee that only valid states are representable, Property-Based Testing becomes a breeze.

In this talk, we'll look at using the powerful combination of F# types and FsCheck properties to address an example problem.


18:30 Welcome with food and drinks

19:00 Property-Based Testing with F#

- Speaker: Mark Seemann (@ploeh (

21:00 Networking!


This talk assumes that you know nothing about F#, but would like to see how to use it for domain modelling.