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We are group of software developers aiming to share their experience and knowledge on modelling complex systems using Domain-Driven Design principles.

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[Virtual] An introduction to arc42 with Savvas Kleanthous

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Speaker: Savvas Kleanthous (https://twitter.com/SKleanthous/) An introduction to arc42 arc42 is simply a template for documenting the architecture of a system. What makes it interesting is that this template was structured in such a way that it guides the architect to: 1. Focus in what is required 2. Author the architectural documentation in a way that facilitates communication, to all parties 3. Cover all aspects that are useful But while it's just a template, it is useful, and of interest for a number of key reasons. During this talk I will be presenting arc42, what it is, and how to author architectural documentation based on the arc42 template. More specifically, we'll start with a brief intoduction of arc42 and why it may be of interest, before going into a more detailed explanation of each of the 12 sections that arc42 contains, along with guidelines to help you fill in each section. We'll also briefly touch on the relationship of arc42 and the C4 model, and how the two can work together. After the overview, I'll be going over my experience with arc42, compare it with a couple of different approaches, and give my opinion of arc42 and it's use in a modern, fast-moving environment. By the end of the talk you should: - Have an understanding of what arc42 is and what it is good for - Know what information belongs in each section - Have a basic understanding of how to fill in arc42 - Be aware of a couple of pitfalls

[Virtual] Aggregate Design Canvas with Kacper Gunia

Online event

This is a virtual workshop, so please sign up if you plan to actively participate. During the workshop, we will use Zoom breakout rooms and Miro.com. Abstract: The Aggregate Design Canvas is a modelling tool meant to be used as a part of design-level domain modelling activities. An aggregate is a lifecycle pattern originally described by Eric Evans. By aggregate, we understand a graph of objects that is a consistency boundary for our domain policies. Depending on the design of the aggregate we can either enforce them (make them invariant) or be forced to have corrective policies in place. Because of that, it is important to design the boundaries of aggregates well, as they impact behaviours modelled within our domain. During the workshop, you will have an opportunity to model an aggregate in practice and document it using the Aggregate Design Canvas. More informations: - https://domaincentric.net/blog/modelling-aggregates-with-aggregate-design-canvas - https://github.com/ddd-crew/aggregate-design-canvas About the speaker: Kacper Gunia is an independent Software Architect, Trainer and Consultant with 10 years of experience in the industry. He is passionate about delivering value by creating software that is aligned with the business as well as by enabling teams to be successful & productive with Domain-Driven Design and other methodologies. Kacper worked with clients including Starbucks, Time Inc, GFT, Sportradar & Government agencies. In his spare time, he runs Domain-Driven Design London meetup. Sponsors: - Domain Centric (https://domaincentric.net/) - meetup subscription, hosting, Zoom subscription

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[Online] Creating a Playbook for DDD Newcomers

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