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[December Event] A Talk by Adam Timlett & A Workshop by Nicola Sedgwick

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[December Event] A Talk by Adam Timlett & A Workshop by Nicola Sedgwick


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  • Food and Drink will be provided
  • Please RSVP by Wednesday 29th November 5pm GMT
  • Limited space

Part 1 - Talk: How to See Your Organisation's 'Dragon'
This talk is about how to leverage knowledge of organisational solutions in biology, in software engineering teams.

Why do we need to use biology to understand software engineering better?
I explain that any human complex organisational problem is hard to 'see' scientifically because it is too big to measure using controlled experiments. You can't do controlled experiments on software engineering teams. But, because organisms are similar enough to human organisations, and Nature selects them for viability, biology can also tell us useful, accurate, scientific information about what makes biological organisation viable & non-viable with high quality theory from hundreds of thousands of controlled experiments on biological organisms. Organisms can then be useful and accurate analogs of software engineering organisation problems, if the translation is done carefully & with rigor using high quality biology theory.

To do this I introduce my research on how we should adapt 'game theory' from economics to make it suitable for studying organisation problems and their solutions. This is done by extending game theory with the concept of 'organisation games', developed for jointly modelling biological and human organisation problems and solutions.

I explain the initial results and method of translating biological research to give new insights into how to solve organisational problems aimed at a general technical audience, without assuming any particular mathematical or biology knowledge.

Adam Timlett bio
Adam is the founder of Turing Meta, a consultancy for translating scientific research in biology into actionable insights for better team coordination and organisation.

Adam also works for Phonographic Performance Limited, and has worked in the IT sector for a long while now across various industries. He continues to carry out research and collaborate with professional researchers at Imperial College, London, and in industry. He has given presentations at various conferences and universities some of which can also be found on

He is also a member of Promoting Economic Pluralism and the Model Driven Engineering Network, MDENet.

Part 2 - Workshop: Intro to Domain Storytelling
Unravel the narrative of your domain in our Domain Storytelling workshop. This interactive session invites participants to map out and visualise complex business scenarios through engaging stories.

It's a hands-on opportunity to learn a core technique of Domain-Driven Design, ensuring that domain experts and developers share a clear and common understanding of a domain.

Nicola Sedgwick bio
Nicola loves the way technology can enhance and transform the world around us. She is often found working with a product and coaching focus to ensure agile teams focus on learning from their customers, collaborate successfully, embrace whole team quality and optimise for flow leading to the delivery of high-quality products into customers hands as early as possible.

About the Host
Policy Expert is the UK’s biggest insurtech. We set out to redesign what an insurer should be by streamlining how people buy insurance. This was achieved by building our own proprietary platform and owning the process end to end. It’s a very exciting time for us, us we’ve grown to over 1.4 million customers and are now looking to disrupt new areas of the market.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
5:00 PM
110 Bishopsgate · London
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