Special Online-Event: How to work online as if you’re in the office together

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This is a special, online-only event we offer in collaboration with the #PoDojo Studio Berlin (https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/PoDojo-Studio-Berlin/) and #PoDojo Studio Zurich meetups. We will host Lisette Sutherland online - since Lisette is talking about remote work let's just practice it right away with her ;-). So if you're a team leader, Scrum master, coach, facilitator, or trainer who likes to learn how to run and facilitate remote work sessions, this online-only meetup might be the right one for you.

_The Talk: "How to work online as if you’re in the office together – what you get when you get remote work right!"
Meetings are essential for sharing information and moving projects forward. Unfortunately, online meetings are notorious for being awful. From technical challenges to unengaged participants, there are all too many snags that can get in the way of trouble-free communication.

At this Meetup, we explore how to run problem-free meetings where everyone contributes through a fun game of Bad Meeting Bingo. You will hear stories of digital nomads, virtual entrepreneurs, global business networks, and robots. And you will walk away having learned how to work online as if you were in the office together - and what’s possible when you get remote working right.

You will be introduced to the topic of remote meetings by Jack Berglund.
Jack is CPO at Doodle, the online scheduling tool that everybody loves. After 18 years having worked in a remote or distributed setup in various companies, Jack will share his experience on what to avoid when doing remote meetings.

_About Lisette Sutherland
Lisette Sutherland (http://www.lisettesutherland.com/) is the director of Collaboration Superpowers (https://www.collaborationsuperpowers.com/), a company that helps people work together from anywhere through online and in-person workshops. She also produces a weekly podcast featuring interviews with remote working experts highlighting the challenges and successes of working with virtual teams.

_How to participate to this online event?
This event is organized onsite by the #PoDojo Studio in Zurich (https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/PoDojo-Studio-Zurich/events/250875370/) So if you are located in Zurich, please join us in person at ZHDK. Everybody else needs an Internet connection to participate. We will provide the link to dial in via a separate message just before the event starts.

_Agile Game Lab is your test drive for team games and workshop tools
Agile Game Lab is a "mini bar camp (https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barcamp) for team leaders, Scrum masters, coaches, facilitators, trainers and everyone who likes to try out Agile tools and games while having fun. The Agile Game Lab provides a safe environment for everybody who like to learn how to facilitate, teach or coach teams and groups about Agile mindset, tools, and methods. You have the chance to improve your facilitation skills by offering a game or tool session or to find peers to co-design a new game or tool.

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Jens Otto Lange and Stefan Haas at the #PoDojo (http://www.podojo.com ) are looking forward to meeting you.