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FitnessTime: for anyone who loves crossfit training: strength & conditioning!

We will be running, jumping, squatting, pushing and much more, using our whole body. I will vary the setups for every sessions, for example: Tabata 20sec active/10 sec rest, buddy workouts (one person is doing an exercise, waiting for the other person to finish another) or 45sec active/10sec rest, etc.

The whole idea with FitnessTime is to enjoy being outdoor, using the outdoor as our gym, ALL year around. In spring/summer when the lake is warmer, I will also combine the workouts with some swimming lessons.

My passion is for Fitness and therefore I would like to share my ideas for everyone who wants to join. I enjoy motivating people and follow up on their personal goals, whatever it might be.

I want to inspire people to get out, see the benefits of outdoor training, have fun and push yourself to you limits!

Why? Because it is easy to access, everybody can join, no fitness level required.

When? Once a week, mostly weekends. The sessions will be announced.

Please view my Pinterest to get an idea of what FitnessTime is, as I have been running it for my colleagues at work:

Feel free to text/call me if you are interested/have questions: 0767787595

See you champs! :)

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