Tick..tick..tick.. BOOM! -- How to size thread pools and timeouts


You think about appropriate values for timeouts and thread pool sizes all the time, right? No, you don't. You rely on sensible default values like everyone does. I am no exception.

But every now and then, there is an incident and people start to tinker. Can we mitigate the problem by tweaking some of these values? Sure we can. But tweaking those values is a minefield of its own. Some people cry for circuit breakers in those situations. But are circuit breakers really the panacea for all your resilience problems?

In this talk we will have a look at the aspects to consider when choosing timeout values and thread pool sizes. And we will also talk about the effects that occur when these values are too large or too small.

Christian Rehn
Christian Rehns Interessenschwerpunkte liegen in der Software-Architektur, als auch in Softwareentwicklungsprinzipien, Patterns, Wartbarkeit, REST und der agilen Softwareentwicklung. Zu diesen Themen hält er gelegentlich Fachvorträge und Schulungen, schreibt darüber in seinem Blog und betreibt ein Wiki über Design-Prinzipien.