🚀 Scaling JavaScript Development & 🔬 Micro-Animations with React Spring



19:00: Intro

19:15: 🚀 SCALING JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPMENT by Johannes Reuter (http://twitter.com/johannes_reuter)

The Javascript stack of web software development (Node.js, Webpack, Angular/React) works well for tons of small to medium sized projects.
But when scaling to bigger projects with 7 digit numbers of lines of code and hundreds of active contributors, it’s quite likely to run into issues. This talk goes through several lessons learned in scaling the Kibana code base (https://github.com/elastic/kibana) to its current size regarding to architecture, tooling and operations.

19:45: 🍕& 🍻

20:15: 🔬 MICRO-ANIMATIONS WITH REACT SPRING by Emma Bostian (http://twitter.com/emmabostian)

How many times have you thought to yourself, "I really wish I knew how to add animations to my web app" but had no idea where to start? In this talk we’ll dive into micro-animations (what are they, why should you care) and learn how to build them with React Spring.