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Talk: Mockist vs. Classicist TDD

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This time we will have a talk from David Völkel ( about mockist and classicist style of test driven development. For more information see abstract below.


• Doors open at 18:30

• Talk starts at 19:00

• Afterwards get together with drinks and pizza.


There are two different schools of TDD: the proponents of "London School TDD" ("Mockists") drive their design "outside-in" top-down starting with end-to-end acceptance tests. They focus on the interaction between objects, isolate them with interfaces between them and mock them out in their tests. On the contrary the advocates of "Detroit School TDD" ("Classicists") work bottom-up and try to avoid mocks if possible.

In a live coding session I will demonstrate both approaches and discuss their strengths and weaknesses with you.


• Martin Fowler's blog post "Mocks aren't Stubs" (

• Freeman et al. paper "Mock Roles not objects" (

• Steve Freeman & Nat Pryce book "Growing Object Oriented Software guided by tests" (

Speakers Bio:

David works for codecentric and as a software craftsman loves to share his ideas in the “Softwerkskammer (” craftmanship community.