Fake It Outside-In TDD

Software Craftsmanship Berlin
Software Craftsmanship Berlin
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Ritterstr. 11, 10969 · Berlin

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find us in the cafeteria ground floor 2nd courtyard

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This time David Völkel from the Softwerkskammer Munich is in town. He will introduce ‘Fake It Outside-In TDD’, a new TDD flavor that he has been refining for over a year. “London School TDD” favors Outside-In Design to avoid over-engineered design (YAGNI) and to aid the choice of which test to implement next. The session is about an alternative approach to Outside-In TDD that has the same objectives but uses fake data instead of mocking. Starting from the assertion of an acceptance test, fake data drives the design and morphs into code structures further down the call-stack. The approach makes it easy to progress in ‘Baby Steps’ and to stay in the ‘green’ phase most of the time.

- Theory: Intro with slides and screencasts
- Practice: A mob programming session where we try out the approach together
- Debrief: A discussion about the strengths, weaknesses and the trade-offs

We strive to provide a safe environment for everyone. (https://github.com/swkBerlin/resources/blob/master/safe_environment.md)


18:45 - doors open
19:15 - event starts
21:30 - closing