DevOps und Azure SQL DB Mashup

Microsoft Data Platform Community - PASS Deutschland e.V.
Microsoft Data Platform Community - PASS Deutschland e.V.
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Liebe Data Monster,

dieses mal starten wir etwas früher, pünktlich um 18 Uhr. Dafür haben wir aber auch einen Abend mit 2 coolen Themen und Sprechern.

18:00 Uhr - Sebastian Sproß - WTF, Du machst kein CI/CD für Dein Datenbank-Projekt?!?
19:15 Uhr - Pause / Networking
19:45 Uhr - Björn Peters – Azure SQL DB for starters


WTF, Du machst kein CI/CD für Dein Datenbank-Projekt?!?

Die Beschreibung der Session wir schnellstmöglich nachgeliefert.

Bei Tag arbeitet Sebastian Sproß bei Microsoft als Cloud Architekt für das Thema Application Development, wobei er bei Nacht zu einem leidenschaftlichen Web- und Mobile-Developer wird. Sein Aufgabenfeld bei deutschen Großkunden besteht darin Applikationen Cloud-ready zu machen und Kunden bei Cloud-native Projketen zu unterstützen.


Azure SQL DB for starters

Everybody speaks about getting into the cloud, even with his databases... so let me introduce you to Azure SQL DB in all his beautiful colours and different options.
I'll be speaking about Azure SQL DB in General, the different engines or services and what you'll get for your money. Features, ways of deployment, and how to get your data into it.

After this, you'll be able to differentiate the services and know which one might be the right one for you and your application!

Björn is a member of SQL PASS Deutschland e.V. since 2011 and was an active attendee until 2015. Since 2016, he increased his community activities as a participant, volunteer or speaker in the Data Platform Community and additionally started the Hamburg Azure Meetup with monthly meetings.

He started with SQL Server 6.5 and after a sidekick to IBM DB2 and some other database distributions he got his focus back on SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. He tries to standardize administration and to automate all tasks with PowerShell.
As a Senior Consultant @ Kramer&Crew, he is responsible for SQL Server-related projects and solutions. Due to his general knowledge of Azure services, he is also supporting customers stepping into the cloud.