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What we’re about

This group exists to provide support, guidance, and friendship to survivors of narcissistic abuse who are ready to remove forward. The group meets weekly online. You don't have to be in Wisconsin to join us.

All members are survivors. You'll meet amazing and empathic people. We'll NEVER judge you! What we'll do is encourage you to heal, grow, and thrive. If you're not ready to face the reality of your situation, you may find our group to be a little insensitive.

Please come and share your story and knowledge with us. There is a rainbow after the storm. You first. You matter. You’re not alone.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Before you send a request to join our group, we have two strict rules.

  1. You MUST display a clear image of yourself on your profile. This is due to the sensitivity of the subject matter being discussed in this group. We like to know who is joining us. You may remove your image after you're approved. Don't send a request without a clear image of yourself. Your request will be disapproved.
  2. All participants are REQUIRED to show their faces during all video chat meetings. This is for the safety of all members. Anyone calling in but unwilling or unable (due to a technical issue) to show their face will be removed from the session. Nothing personal against you. We just want a safe environment for our survivors.

DISCLAIMER: Your privacy matters. We are applying strict rules and procedures to keep your identity and information secure. However, we can’t guarantee the identity of all members. Therefore, as with all group meetings, someone may disclose your information without your knowledge. By joining this group, you understand the risk. We’re not responsible for damages.

We're not licensed therapists, doctors, or legal experts. Information shared in all group discussions is driven by personal experiences and should not be taken as medical and legal advice. Thank you.