What we're about

This group is dedicated to sharing knowledge and advances in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to a more general population.

Topics generally lean towards practical problem solving, interdisciplinary applications and impact on everyday life, and are intended for anyone ranging from experts in different fields to self-taught enthusiasts.

We follow the principle of 'open invitation' and encourage volunteers to talk about an interesting project they are currently working on or have worked on - just pm an organizer!

Past events (13)

Transitioning from supervised to unsupervised AI

Poligon kreativni center / creative centre

Simon Belak - The subtle art of recommendation (algorithms)

Poligon kreativni center / creative centre

Deep learning for Shoe recommender systems

Poligon kreativni center / creative centre

Deep Machine Vision – From Research to Market

Kreativni center Poligon

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