What we're about

A community of developers living or working in Cape Town's south ... and beyond!

We meet to hear what our neighbours and peers are getting up to, be it what they're building or what they're learning. If you're looking to be encouraged on your tech journey -- wherever you are along your tech journey -- you should connect with us!

We do mostly online events, local meet-n-greets and the occasional colocated live event.

We hang out in #deep-south-devs in ZA Tech Slack Group (http://zatech.co.za/)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/deepsouthdevs

Past events (41)

Law for tech startups & The Bermuda database

Jembi Health Systems NPC

Chappies Sunset Hike

Chapman's Peak Hiking Trail - Start Point

Sunrise swim and breakfast @St James

Folk Cafe St. James

Influence and win at tech

This event has passed

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