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Official DefCon group for Rhode Island. This is a resurrection of the DC401 that previously existed, now with the blessing of its former organizer, Agent5. Local DefCon groups cover anything and everything about security. Making, breaking, updating, learning, discussing. One time we might do some soldering, another time we might build a password cracking rig, we might play with a device from the Internet of Things (ugh, that's as painful a term as "cyber" now), maybe do pentesting, pretty much anything that you want to talk about! And best of all, it's free for all!

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Password Cracking and Analysis!

Tech Collective

Let's talk about passwords. We'll take a look at how to crack them, things to look for, tips, tricks for using hashcat. We'll also talk about the passwords our users choose when given a set of rules. How should we create our password policy in a way that will make the enterprise more secure against password guessing and cracking. We'll also be looking for presenters for future meetings, so if you got something, offer it up! Event co-sponsored by the RI Tech Collective. (https://tech-collective.org/)

Looking for Presenters!
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

We are bringing back DC401! I think we have a great hackerspace for us, just working out those details now. I am targeting January for a first meetup. But I'll get the space squared away and I'm asking that you come and present on something. Let's turn this into a mini-CFP. Post below what you can talk about. Let's say something that takes 15-20 mins for starters. Anything at all related to making, breaking, hacking, building, whatever. Whatcha got people?

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An Evening with Congressman Jim Langevin

Tech Collective

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