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What we’re about

This group is intended as a safe space for people that identify as Neurodiverse or Neurodivergent. Although the community has widely moved away from this term, we like to use the term "mental fingerprint." We find value is meeting to discuss various aspects of the topic.

Right now there are two events that we host.
1. Neuro and Nitro is a regular meetup on 2nd Saturdays where we come together at a local coffee shop to discuss and work.

2. We do a virtual panel discussion every other 4th Saturday. This December, 23 will be our 18th episode. They are called the DEI+N talks (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Neurodiversity)

The intent of both are to affirm, discuss and understand how diversity in learning opportunities are recognized and supported.

We're linking the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) mission with an emergent conversation about Neurodiversity.

This series of talks is crafted to service the selves, teachers, parents, coworkers, friends and fellow humans of the neurodiverse. Maybe society is making us neurodiverse, highlighting our differences, persisting our neurovariations and commoditizing our quirks. Products that calm us, organize us and "satisfy" our cravings aim to support and at times benefit from our identification of our neurodiversities. How can we have a conversation about our lives in a safe, shared space that supports how we are different, and alike, all at once.

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