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What we’re about

Who should join this group?
Woman and those who identify as women or have strong feminine energies/traits.
The purpose of this group is to provide....
Support A non-judgmental space to talk about the issues we encounter in our lives. If we face an issue in our goal areas (such as personal, family, career, or relationships), we want to hear and validate each other without giving into negativity. Accountability Have others who we can share our goals with each week and who expect us to follow through and challenge us when we don't. Goal Setting Break down our goals and figure out precisely how we wanted to feel. This way we begin to live the life of our dreams. High Energy Bring our BIG dreams and BIG energy! Allow each other to talk about doing big things and we believe in and encourage each other’s goals.  There is no room for naysayers and doubters. We want to bring this high energy to as many women as we can. Abundance Mindset We see each other’s talents and success and we love it! We know we don’t need to feel threatened by each other. Women (and people in general) often feel threatened by the success of those around them.  When you find a tribe of successful women who support you, you will understand what an abundance mindset can do for you.  We want YOU to experience that!     Positivity This one is simple. It is so refreshing to be around people who are positive and who will not let you wallow in your sadness or anger. We want to spread positivity and hopefulness, it is infectious. Shared (but also different) Female Experience. We know that we are two of millions of women who have similar universal struggles. However, at the same time, each woman is unique with her own battles and demons. Some women have been beaten down, invalidated, and have trauma that has made life feel hopeless. Other women have had such a supportive and abundant life, they may not notice the injustices that they are subtly facing.  In either case, we are here for women who want to feel validated, accepted, and empowered to live their best life.  We want women with diverse backgrounds.  We understand that we may not share every experience that every woman has had, but that is what has made our friendship allow us to grow. If we were the same, we would not grow.
What we will be doing....
Meeting at least one time per month for coffee or happy hour every third Thursday of the month. Coming soon…                  Book club                  Online meetings                  Events