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What we’re about

Delaware Single Boomers...
Hundreds more members than any other local singles group...join us and find out why!
Are you single with a birth year between 1940-1965? This is an invitation to meet other local singles and have some fun! The true definition of a Boomer is a birth year between 1946-1964, but we allow some leeway on either end.  If you do not fit within our perimeters, please do a google search for other groups, there are plenty of great groups in the area! Please do not request membership with Boomers.
Please note that due to allergies and sensitivities ours is a fragrance free group.
After family; friends are our greatest resource. Newly single? Confirmed bachelor/ette or somewhere in between? Join now to meet other local baby boomers for mingling, wine tastings, partying, physical activities, cultural and dining events. Ok...maybe a little flirting, if you are so inclined :)
While you're thinking of it, shoot an E-mail to your single friends and invite them to join us.
ALWAYS check your E-mail before leaving for an event, as last minute cancellations are possible!
Check out our new member lunches and dinners. Small groups of 6 get to know each other before joining the bigger events. 

We are about having fun and meeting new people....get out of the house and let's PLAY!  Ideas for activities? Please share! Members can suggest events and should be prepared to host that event. Hosting simply mean arriving a few minutes early to greet members, introduce new members, make a reservation if needed! It's easy!

This group was created by Linda Zaretsky Pleiman in 2009 who ran the group successfully until May 2023!