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What we’re about

Welcome, My Best Friend!

So you have found us in this life as well.

When we created this page, we did not anticipate we'd come this far. We began with our common heart of love, and not the intellect to explore new horizons of Spirituality, Nirvana, and Enlightenment.

In 1998, amongst many, life tripped us over from the border ignorance to the land of interrogation. Was this destined?, was as it free will at that moment of choice? , or, was it neither?; only a fully enlightened being may be able to answer that. It was then we started our journey towards self, as well as world betterment, by exploring the true nature of the mind.

On a spiritual journey, many of us have had encounters with strangers who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, to hint us, and then disappear. For some reason, we did not attempt to stay in touch with them, yet we think that we are all alone in this excursion to the into.

Over the years a few amongst us, with the help of the little whispering voice of the universe, or, a spiritual master/guru/teacher guides us and pulls us out from the moments of despair. This precisely, is what we must rejoice, and realize that that none of us is alone on this path. Moreover, we have each other. 

All those moments of philosophical thoughts you may have contemplated that makes this reality bleak is reassurance enough that you are partially enlightened. However, in order to be fully enlightened, must stop straying and begin channelization it instead.

Yes, I agree that there are no rules, but can we deny that there could be an easier way? Our ego can deny but our true self cannot, and that is why we seek. Channelization will bring is the easier way to the path. It connects us to the one within, and to each other.

Just because we are complex beings, we think we have to be more complex to attain spritual growth, however,  enlightenment in its true essence, is the simplest form of awareness that you can have, like breaking it down to the simplest code. 

If you have you been hunting enlightenment like me, or, if you have already non-objectified the idea of grasping, but still find the idea of uniting with the beyond as a fascinating one, this place is for you.

It is time to move beyond the self-help books on success, business and life management. It is time to regain the ownership of your mind, its thoughts, and every action.

Soundzyoga (Your friend, fellow student, and a classmate from many different lives)