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What we’re about

Hi Folks,

This group is an open community of entrepreneurs, designers, software developers, hackers, founders, advisors, investors, mentors and anyone who is interested in the Middle East / India and in particular, Delhi startups.

Our aim is to connect like-minded people and support each other in our startup journey. Use this platform to stay up to date with Delhi startup scene, find information, Collaborate, meet co-founders, mentors, investors, discuss ideas and find answers to your start up questions. Whatever you think will help your ideas grow!

Please feel free to join group conversations, interact with members, create topics and comment on posts as well as share this page with others who might be interested in startups.

-- You may post stuff related to startups, small businesses, local events or laws, news and so forth. Generally anything that will help the community.
-- Please refrain from posting memes, quotes and so forth as we get enough of those via FB and Linkedin. Unless its very relevant to the discussion
-- Please don't abuse the group by advertising or hawking your products or services, this is NOT a marketplace. There is also no room for wannabe 'overnight millionaires' and 'pyramid schemes' or in general, scammers. Please contact an admin if you feel someone in the group fits the bill above.

EVENTS: You can find the next event here: NOTE: If you were added to this group by your friend, this is because they believe you can benefit from the group (or vice versa).

- You may receive regular email updates associated with this Facebook group: to change these, please change your notification settings on the group page.
- If you wish to leave the group, you can leave the group anytime. To do so, click "settings " top right-hand column and click leave group.

Any questions/suggestions please email/private message to the group admins.