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What we’re about

Starting and running an enterprise is a noble action. It not only helps the entrepreneur earn a living but also helps change lives of all those connected in more ways than one. The start-up may be local, national or global but the problems and challenges faced by most entrepreneurs are the same.

From managing day to day operations on one’s own to delegation of duties and responsibilities, training staff and making them accountable, laying systems and processes are the first few tasks. Formulating strategies for development and growth, attracting buyers and investors and building harmony to create sustainable wealth for all are amongst the many challenges. However, handling the entire gamut of operations is difficult, especially in a small and medium enterprise.

Apart from ideas exchange, we invite change leaders, management gurus, motivational speakers and common people who have been there and done that from within and outside your town to inspire and guide you on various interesting subjects and topics.

Our meetups also help to make new connections, find prospects, remain in touch with current global business best practices and be a part of a resource pool that will help you prosper!

Join us and watch how we add value to your business !!