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Beginner Series Part Three and Lazy Seqs can Bite

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Beginner Session

We'll continue with our ongoing beginner series continuing to cover the basic tools you need to write apps in Clojure. Please bring your computers because we will split up into groups and work through problems together. I'll be looking for people to lead groups and go around from group to group helping folks code.

Advanced Session

“Lazy seqs can bite!”

Have you ever used an impure function in one of Clojure’s common seq operations (like map)? Have you ever created a seq from a source that depends on system resources (like network, or disk)? Probably, right?! Well, that can be bad, but you needn’t feel bad. This quick demo will show you how seq chunking can bite, and how to avoid it.

Ian Truslove is a software engineer at Sonian, building scalable text analytics products with Clojure. He has been learning Clojure since 2011. Ian has held various software roles for over a decade, including as a software engineer at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder. Not for lack of trying, he is currently better at programming than fly fishing.