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The LOA Abraham-Hicks Processes & Tools
The LOA Abraham-Hicks Processes & Tools Meetup occurs Bi-Monthly, on Saturday's from 2:00pm - 4:00pm (check Calendar) to practice and embody the Abraham-Hicks Energy Alignment processes and principles. We co-create our experience together with profound experiential learning where we practice an Energy Alignment process, with the intention of embodiment. We incorporate a new Process each week for what we want to attract in our life. Each week we will go deeper into questions and answers and we always leaving on a very high flying disk of appreciation and joy. Please join us to explore the gift of "Getting into Alignment, and then." -Abraham-Hicks We come together in the spirit of co-creation for the embodiment of joy. Looking forward to meeting you there! Tracy O'Shaughnessy[masked] | [masked] Organizer | Denver Abraham-Hicks LOA Meetup ( The Energy Academy | LOA Abraham-Hicks Processes & Tools Meetup

1101 (the building is called 1101 off of S. Mineral Place)

1101 W. Mineral Ave. (80120) · Littleton, CO

What we're about

Welcome to Colorado's largest Law of Attraction Meetup!

Whether you are new to the Law of Attraction and Abraham-Hicks material or you are a long-time follower, we hope that connecting with us will help expand your understanding of Law of Attraction concepts and provide tools and exercises to support you in creating the life you want to attract. Life is supposed to be fun;-)

There is a $10.00 Meetup fee at the beginning of each Meetup.

This LOA Meetup group offers a wide variety of meetup group options:

The Energy Academy | with Tracy O'Shaughnessy: Join us on the 1st & 3rd Saturday from 2:00pm - 4:00pm for our LOA Abraham-Hicks Tools & Processes. Experience the LOA in a classroom setting where we offer practical applications to life's challenges and practice and embodiment of Energy Alignment and Law of Attraction processes and principles. There is a $10.00 Meetup fee at the start of this Class-like Meetup.

Vibin' in the Vortex | with Lisa Anne Marshall: Experiential exercises to get us in the Vortex and keep us there! There is a $10.00 Meetup fee.

Good Vibrations: Fun-filled parties, restaurant gatherings, picnics, pot lucks and more!

We've found that the best way to truly incorporate these principles into our lives and to embrace the Law of Attraction is to share our ideas, questions, perspectives, and experiences. In this way, we raise our vibration and find alignment with Source.

"When you get tuned into the energy that creates worlds…and you practice the vibration so that you’re chronically holding it, then the Universe matches you up with others who are in that same vibrational pattern. And when you come together in collaboration with others who are also there, that’s when the expansion really happens, you see."

"You don’t need others to create huge things; you just need alignment and absence of resistance to the energy that creates worlds. But once you get in that Vortex and practice it, then those who come to play with you are really fun to play with."

~Abraham, North L.A. Workshop, February 2010

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