• Cafe Sci: "The Universe Doesn't Care About You: Understanding Our Existence."

    **Please RSVP so we know you're coming!** • What we'll do Cafe Sci 1 meets at Blake Street Tavern (parking info below) and starts at 6:30, though we recommend arriving no later than 6:00 for good parking and a good seat. Come eat, drink, listen, learn and question with your fellow heathens (and other smart people). Cafe Sci is science outreach for the general public. You don't need to be a brainiac to enjoy it - just good old fashioned curiosity :). Topic Link: http://cafescicolorado.org/Sutter.htm Topic Description: Paul writes: I bet you've looked up at the night sky and started asking questions. Are we alone? What's the meaning of it all? Where do we belong? And especially lately, what's this about taking a picture of a black hole- I though that was impossible by definition! Well, he's got some answers. You may not like them, but they're answers. For those who want to know how the universe works, Paul Sutter is a new, fresh voice in science communication. An astrophysicist, author, speaker, producer, and on-air host everywhere from podcasts to TV, Paul strives to bring science to new audiences. By breaking down formidable concepts, emphasizing the human and artistic aspects of the scientific process, and making science accessible with his characteristic conversational, humorous approach, Paul is the one and only Agent to the Stars! His first book, Your Place in the Universe, was published by Prometheus Books in November 2018. He'll bring some copies to sell and would be glad to sign one for you! • Important to know Parking: Please park the Blake Street Tavern lots North and West of the building. **Be sure and read ALL parking signs as the lots are shared with other businesses and THEY WILL ticket if you park in the wrong space! Recommend arriving by 6:00 for good seats and to get food/drink ordered.** BST is a short 15 minute walk from Union Station. Cafe is open to the general public and typically has 70+ people in attendance.

  • Let's Hike! Pine Valley Loop

    Pine Valley Ranch Park

    The Pine Valley Loop dips into the Buffalo Creek Recreation Area in Pike National Forest. This loop trail feels like an escape. Once back in the ranch, there are unique, wide open views created by an old wildfire. Hike through "fields" which were recently forest. Pine Valley Ranch Park is a Jefferson County Open Space, and charges no fees to enter or park (try to carpool anyway). Whether you're looking to socialize, soak in the views and appreciate nature, or get in a workout, this'll be a good hike. And it'll be a good opportunity to meet like-minded folks, while experiencing some of what Colorado has to offer. Lunch: If we start hiking at 9 am, we’ll still be hiking at noon. Bring a lunch, and we’ll picnic somewhere along the trail. (Jonathan W. will be leading this hike) -- Hike Summary -- Distance: 7.9 miles Rating/Description: Moderate (if you're already comfortable with hikes this distance). The first and last ¾ mile of trail is steep, but the park built steps into the side of the mountain. The rest of the trail is not terribly steep. The trail is easy to follow, but you’ll want to know which way to turn at the three junctions encountered during this loop. There are a couple of streams that you’ll need to step across. Elevation Profile: starts at 6760 ft; gains 1130 ft (2930 ft if you count all the climbs) Parking: there is lots of free parking; carpooling recommended Facilities: vault toilets Fur Kids: dogs are allowed, but must be leashed and picked up after Entry Fees: $0.00 Lunch on trail, pack a lunch! -- Route -- If you arrive late and want to try to catch up, here is the route: Take Parkview Trail away from the parking lots (south). Make a left on Strawberry Jack Trail. Make a right onto Skipper Trail. Make a right onto Buck Gulch Trail, which takes you back to the parking lot. -- Reminders -- SAFETY FIRST… I have no medical provisions or training. You are hiking at your own risk. We may not have cell service out here, so if in doubt, play it safe. - Carry and drink plenty of water! - Sunscreen and bug spray are advised. - A hat, sunglasses, and supportive footwear are also advised. - We may hike in some rain. Be prepared. Park Information: https://www.jeffco.us/1428/Pine-Valley-Ranch-Park