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What we’re about

We are no longer actively managing this Meetup group. Please join the community for all the latest blockchain related events in Denver!


Welcome to the BEST NFT group in Denver, Colorado!

We're a group of like-minded people who are interested in new tech, curious about NFT's and excited for the future. We will explore the new use cases for NFT's, possible solutions to existing problems in the world, as well as companies and projects we are involved in or excited about.

If you're new and curious about NFT's and blockchain tech you will find a great resource of information and friendly advice from us. We invite anyone and everyone who is curious or excited about the endless possibilities of NFT's to join and be a part of the NFT community!

We host:

  • NFT & Web3 Community Gatherings
    Every other Thursday. Free to attend, $15 NFT ticket sales include free drink and added perks. Yearly memberships also available with EXTRA UTILITY!!!
  • Project showcases
    Projects can apply to present at any of our events, no sponsorship required!
  • Educational courses
    Occasionally, the smart members of our community will volunteer time to teach the rest of us something cool and new! If you'd like to give an educational talk, please reach out to us at


  • All our events are free to attend!
  • We are partnering with local businesses to provide perks and rewards through NFT sales!
  • NFT Sales coming soon!
  • 100% of proceeds go directly to partner businesses (breweries, etc) and providing more perks to our community.

If you'd like to present your project/business, please visit

Interested in sponsoring?
We are always looking for potential sponsors that align with our mission. Please visit for more information.

For all other information visit our website at

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