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With over 12 years, 900+ meetups and over 12,000 attending... we are one of the largest Psychic Development Meetup Groups in the world.
We are a group of friendly, like-minded people who have come together to learn, grow and support one another on our psychic development journeys. Our success is built on a few basic principles; learn everywhere you can, practice-practice-practice, and laughter... there are lots of laughs as we explore the psychic frontiers together!
We would love to welcome YOU into our growing community of psychic explorers!

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Giving & Receiving Psychic Messages

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Everyone is welcome from beginners to the advanced student. Psychic abilities are a skill which, like any other skill, is developed with practice. And what better place to do that then with a group of friendly, like-minded people who come together to support each other on the psychic development path.

Everyone gets a message!

Payment: Cash (exact change is always appreciated) or Check
To pay by PayPal or Venmo...
Paypal- https://paypal.me/PsychicSystems/25
Venmo- $25.00 to @Denver-Psychic

Full Moon Séance in Englewood

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Full Moon Seance at Goddess Isis

A Full Moon Seance combines the power of circling our energies to receive messages from the other side with the immense power of a full moon. These events combined serve to focus spiritual energy into our Seance. Each full moon has it's own name, and brings its own specific energies.

Join host Charles Cox for this Full Moon Seance at Goddess Isis Books.

Read more about Seances- Séance: An Audience with the Great Beyond (https://denver-psychic.com/seance-an-audience-with-the-great-beyond/)

So, You Want To Be A Medium!

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Make plans to join us for "So, You Want To Be A Medium!" on Saturday September 17th for an all day fast-paced class. Today's aim is deepen your connection with Spirit, better understanding the messages you receive, and how to share them more effectively.

We'll accomplish this through a series of guided meditations, spirited conversations and self-guided inward journeys. The day's scheduled is filled with plenty of breaks as well as 3 meals in the church basement.

The entire day is brought to you by our Minister Ameritas Charles Cox as he shares his insights from his work spanning more than 40 years, 30 of which where he served as a minster at Sunset Spiritualist Church.

Sun­set Spir­i­tu­al­ist Church & Camp continues its mission of providing Spiritualist educational programs by providing our workshops, weekend meals and cabins on a free-will offering basis. If you are planning to attend this event, please take a moment to contact Linda Lundberg to register for the event you want to attend. She can be reached at (620)[masked] or [masked]. Registering in advance lets us know how much food to prepare and assures you will have a place to stay while visiting our historic church and camp grounds.

Pre Halloween- Halloween Séance

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Get a jump on the festivities with a Pre-Halloween-Halloween Séance. Demand for the Sunday's Halloween Séance was so great that we've added another séance.

Many people believe that on Halloween the veil between our world and the other side is at its thinnest. This Halloween Rev Charles Cox will be leading the séance.

We'll gather together at 7:00, use our combined energies to create a safe space then open the door for spirit to speak to us. Seats are very limited and must be purchased in advance. Charles Cox is a retired Spiritualist Minister living in the Denver area. He has 40 years experience doing readings, seances and spiritual healings. Charles is also founder of the Denver Psychic Development Group which meets regularly to assist its members in gaining direct access to inspiration, guidance and communication from "the other side"

Note : Even though this event is being held on Halloween weekend. This is not a party. This is open to anyone genuinely seeking a traditional Spiritualist experience.

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Full Moon Séance in Englewood

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