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Hi Tennis Friends. Our group has grown quite a bit over the last few months, so we have expanded to include other areas and more organizers. If you are interested in becoming an organizer, please let me know. I would like to see our calendar full of tennis meetups. 
Anyone who wants to play tennis can join. Tennis meetups are more fun when people with similar ability levels play together, so please let us know your level when you sign up for a meetup so others at that level can plan.
2.0: beginner (you've never really played tennis before)
2.5: upper beginner (tennis is pretty new to you, but you are getting the basic down)
3.0: intermediate (you know the basics of tennis, you can serve and return)
3.5 upper intermediate (you know where to stand on the court, can strategize, and can volley)
4.0 high intermediate (you can hit consistently, set up yourself or your partner, and have a variety shots)
4.5 advanced (you can cover the court, serve strongly, predict where the ball will go, and hit winning shots)
5.0+: pro-level tennis 
*These levels are cumulative.
It is recommend that players stay within 0.5-1.0 of each other when they opt to play to keep everything more competitive.
I want to make sure everyone who participates in this meetup is on the same page, so I’ve created a list of rules for the group. These rules are so members can feel that the RSVPs are reliable, the play is equal, and that everyone is welcome.

(1) Always make everyone feel welcome, no matter their level. Some people are new to tennis and we want to encourage players to continue to play and improve their tennis skills. Help new players, give friendly advice, and make sure to have fun.

(2) Please be aware that everyone’s comfort level for socializing is different. Some people would like to maintain distance and not touch. While it’s difficult not to want to high-5 each other, please tap rackets or give air high-5s instead.

(3) Please bring a new can of balls to every other meetup you attend. Different people should be opening balls each meetup. Talk to each other when you come on the court to see who will open a can that day (don’t open the can until you communicate, someone might have already opened some and we don’t want to waste that new ball smell).

(4) If you need to cancel, please communicate with the other players at least two hours in advance. If you are no longer interested in waiting, please take yourself off the Wait-List. Anyone that shows up to an event that does not have an RSVP, will need to give up that spot to someone who is on the RSVP list, until a spot opens up. It is not recommended to just show up without an RSVP. Please only come to events you have RSVP'd to. Please add all guests to the RSVP lists.

(6) If you will be late – even just 5 minutes, please communicate with the other players at least 10 minutes before the start time.

(7) If you want to change your RSVP to “not going” please message the other players if you are doing so less than a day in advance.

(8) Please be mindful that everyone has a bad day and encourage your fellow tennis players. Some players get frustrated which happens in sports, but please do not throw equipment, hit the ball erratically in anger, or yell at other players. Remember, your court etiquette can effect other players.  

If you are unable to abide by these rules, I will send you a message and if you continue to break the rules I may ask you to leave the group or put you on probation. I hope everyone can be respectful and I encourage more players to be organizers so we can have more tennis events on our calendar.

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