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Advanced & Expert 3's Grass Volleyball at Observatory Park
This meetup is for B & BB level players aka D2, D3, & D4. We will set up multiple nets, one for Advanced and one for Expert. Outdoor rules, short court (8m x 8m), 3 players per side. Need a minimum of 7 to play in case of a no show. Every Monday and Wednesday until November.

Observatory Park

2100 S. Fillmore St · Denver, CO

Respond by: 9/24/2018

What we're about

How Does it all work?

Pretty simple really: people with nets organize meetups (ask me if you want organizer status) and people who want to play sign up, once enough people sign up it's game on! It's all for fun so please contribute in whatever way you can, the more we all do the better it will be for everyone.

This meetup group usually plays for 2-3 hours per event and is free of charge. Teams change during most meetups so you get a chance to play with many players. Play is broken down into three levels: Intermediate, Advanced, and Expert. Games Follow the Volleyball of the Rockies (VOTR) outdoor rules for volleyball.

What Should you Bring?

Everyone: Water, Sunscreen, Hat or Sunglasses, Snack

If you got it: Additional net, Additional Ball, Boombox, Lawnchair, Cooler, Food/Drink/Other to share! cool stuff i couldn't think of when writing this!

Levels of play, Player level Designations

Intermediate (AKA VOTR divisions 5 and 6) Players Should be familiar with outdoor volleyball rules and should be able to bump, set, dink, and serve DECENTLY

Advanced (AKA VOTR divisions 3 and 4, AKA level B) Players should be VERY familiar with outdoor volleyball rules and should be able to bump, set, dink, serve, dig, block, and hit WELL

Expert (AKA VOTR divisions 3 and 2, AKA level BB) Players should be VERY familiar with outdoor volleyball rules and should be able to bump, set, dink, serve, dig, block, and hit VERY WELL

To ensure a fun and positive atmosphere please following the “General rules of conduct”

Be respectful - Respect your fellow players by keeping your tone positive and your comments constructive. Respect the organizers who take the time to post, set-up and manage this group by showing up if you sign up and helping to set up and take down nets. also buy them beer, they love that

Do no harm – The locations we play in are public parks. Please remember to pick up after yourselves and to be respectful of others who are using the park.

Think before you speak - Not everyone is at the same level of play and pointing that out constantly makes for poor team work. Even the best players have a bad day. If you believe a player is too low level for the meetup which you are attending please bring it to the attention of the meetup organizer.

Judge Thyself - If you are too low level for a meetup, move yourself down a level, you'll have more fun, they'll have more fun. Same goes for too high level; don't just crush everybody, challenge yourself: move up.

Spread the love - Everyone plays equally, all positions, all passes. Do not favor a player or avoid a player. Players must rotate and play all positions.

Mix it up - Change teams between each game, i mean, unless it was close and you're totally gonna wreck them this time... in which case i guess one rematch is all you'll need to show them their win was a fluke

Play em fast - if ANY players are sitting/waiting play your games to lower numbers like 15 and 21, this will cause more games to happen and will lower sitting times

Sit your turn - If there are too many players, make sure you take your turn sitting, ensuring everyone plays an equal amount of the time

Call Your Own - If you perform a foul or fault; call yourself or your teammate, you are your own referee... do not call the other team unless it's obvious and blatant

Replay - Can't agree on in or out, foul or not, someone didn't know a rule? Replay the point. ball never lies ;)

HELP! - help setting up nets and taking them down, the faster it happens the more games you can play

No drama – This is pick up volleyball, if you can't be cool, you will be booted.

**If the organizers are fielding constant complaints about a player, he/she will be removed from the group.

Posting a recognizable picture of yourself will help us get to know you and recognize you as a regular.


No Sets Over: you may not set the ball over the net

No Open Hand Tips: you may not single-handedly direct the ball with your fingertips, to "dink" you musk curl your fingers into a knuckle of fist, or use a flat body strike such as the back of your hand or palm

No First Ball Sets: you may not set the ball as your team's first touch unless a ball is spiked at you

No Blocking passes: you may not block a pass from one teammate to another unless the ball enters your team's airspace

No Blocking serves: you may not contact a served ball unless it is both in your airspace and at least some part of the ball has fallen below the top of the net

No Dirty Sets: Sets must be performed in one fluid motion (no carrying) and cannot rotate more than once before reaching their apex (no spinnies)

All Soccer Legal: anything legal as a hit in soccer/futbol is a legal hit: foot, leg, chest, shoulder, head, ect.

Thanks for reading; If you have any suggestions contact me.

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