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DBSA National Capitol Area Chapter (DBSA NCA) has several group meetings in the area. See the calendar for more specifics about time and place. Meeting attendance is approx 15-25 people. (Meetup RSVPs are not accurate)

The peer support meetings begin with a brief welcome. A member reads the eight DBSA guidelines about confidentiality and tolerance. Each person is invited to say something from their own experience. You don't have to talk if you don't want to. Comments usually include your first name, diagnosis, any prescribed medications, and what is happening in your life and what strategies you are using to cope with depression or bipolar disorder. We do not give advice. We limit comments to five or six minutes each, to avoid anyone dominating the discussion. Everybody deserves a chance to be heard. The group may split into a discussion group(s) depending on size. We adjourn at approximately 8:30 PM. Overall, the meetings are friendly, upbeat, and life-affirming.

The peer support groups are for adults with depression and bipolar disorder. If you do not have either and accompany someone to the meeting for support we request that you wait elsewhere during the actual meeting.

If you are a friend or family member please attend the DBSA NCA Family support meeting in Rockville.

DBSANCA.org is the chapter website.

For more information about the national DBSA organization, click on

www.dbsalliance.org (http://www.dbsalliance.org/)

National DBSA Guidelines

• Share the air.

• One person speaks at a time.

• What is said here stays here.

• Diffferences of opinion are o.k.

• We are all equal.

• Use "I" language.

• It's o.k. not to share.

• It's everybody's responsibility to make the discussion groups a safe place to share.

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