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What we’re about

Please consider joining us for one of our events. We do short timed writings together from writing prompts of various kinds, including a short list of words. We read our impromptu work out loud and receive good, specific feedback from the group, words or phrases that strike people, images, feelings the work evokes. (There is no critique, no advice for strengthening the writing, because this is spontaneous writing, not polished work.)

You don't need to be a writer in order to join us for these events. I am a big believer in Brenda Ueland's claim that "everyone is talented, original and has something important to say" (If You Want to Write, Graywolf Press). And if you are already a fan of Peter Elbow's "freewriting" or Natalie Goldberg's "writing practice," you may delight in the chance to do this in community. I believe there is a kind of alchemy that happens when we write together like this. I believe it can change us, as writers, as humans.

In addition to these ongoing writing session, we hold other meetings and workshops periodically, including the occasional retreat and workshops on various aspects of both the process and the craft of writing. Please check the events page here for upcoming offerings. (All events offer a chance to write together, as well.)

If you are interested, do please sign up here for my email mailing list.

All good wishes,


Riba Taylor
Desert Writing Group