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Don’t want to tear up your Jeep Wrangler? Feel a little intimidated by the other 4WD clubs? Maybe the Desert Wranglers (www.desertwranglers.club) is the right group for you! We are a family oriented off-road group which focuses on trail rides in the nearby national parks, monuments, and recreation areas. Many of the trails we drive can be driven with stock Wranglers.

In general, we don’t have any rules except for the common sense ones: stay on the trail, stay with the group, and be safe…and you have to drive a Wrangler or Gladiator. We don’t require you to attend meetings or events, and we won’t require you to volunteer for anything. We dislike club politics and don’t do secret membership votes. Just sign up and you’re in. You won’t be “encouraged” to modify or lift your Jeep, and you won’t be stuck on the trail watching a bunch of guys crawling over the same rocks all day.
We are an independent, all-volunteer, registered Nevada 501(c)(3) non-profit Jeep club that does not have an affiliation with any dealership.

As mentioned before, we are family oriented, so bring your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, dogs, cats, neighbors, anyone! Our meetings are usually the fourth Wednesday of every month. We do a variety of trail runs, training sessions, and other events every month. Still not sure about our group? Check out the photos of our past trail rides. We’re just a bunch of Wrangler and Gladiator owners based out of Las Vegas, Henderson, and Southern Nevada who have a common interest in riding the trails and seeing the sights near Vegas. Beginners are welcome.

How to sign up for Desert Wranglers events

First, you have to join Desert Wranglers Jeep Club, either from the link on our main site at www.desertwranglers.club, or here at Meetup Pro. Once you have answered a few basic questions, you will begin a 14-day trial membership. Meetup will notify you near the end of the trial to pay an annual dues payment of $25 to remain in the group. You may RSVP for events during the trial period but your membership fee must be paid before the event date in order to participate. You can contact Desert Wranglers via Meet-up message, Desert Wranglers Facebook Group, or directly by email info@desertwranglers.club or membership@desertwranglers.club
Visit our main website: www.desertwranglers.club

Upcoming events (4+)

Run through the Hiilllllsss, Run to-oo the Bon Fy-yer! ~Sing it like Iron Maiden

Scenic run through Bird Spring Range and then we'll head right to the Wranglers BBQ, Bonfire, and Photo Shoot that starts at 4pm!

PLEASE READ THE MEETUP EVENT FOR DETAILS ON THE BBQ, BONFIRE AND PHOTO SHOOT. You will also need to RSVP for the BonFire event. Please click the link above and RSVP for that event first if you haven't already, then come back here and RSVP for this trail run.

Join us for this easy to moderate, but very scenic, trail through a section of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Bird Spring Pass begins at the Upper Duck Creek Detention Basin, a large water project for the Las Vegas valley, traveling along a dirt service road with memorable views of the red sandstone mountains. Around the midway point, up near the pass, you'll be treated to a spectacular view back down to the valley where you have just traveled.

We will air back up after the run and head right to the bon fire coordinates to set up for a fun evening of photos shoots, bon fire, and eats!

🟡 Jeep/Driver Requirements & Details 🟡

  • Moderate run, DW Trail Rating: 3
  • Stock Jeeps are ok, but all terrain tires are required.
  • Jeep lift is NOT needed to drive this trail.
  • Pin-striping is possible.
  • Trail Badge available for $5cash after the run

🟡 Trail/Club Etiquette 🟡

  • Dogs are to be kept on leashes
  • Do not be late, we will leave without you!
  • If you're unable to attend please update your RSVP to "not going" at least 48 hours before this run. No shows jeopardize your ability to go on future runs.

🟢 What to Bring 🟢

  • Download and print the waiver form here. Bring one form per Jeep, all passengers must sign.
  • For the trail run bring EXTRA WATER, snacks, and see the Bon Fire Event for other items to bring. There isn't a convenience store near by so you will need bring items for both the run during the day and the event in the evening.
  • GMRS radio
  • Basic safety/recovery gear
  • Warm clothing as it gets cold at night in the desert

🟡 Trail Run Details 🟡
We will meet for the trail briefing at 11:30am at the following coordinates:
[masked], [masked]

The end time for the run should line up with the start of the Bon Fire Event. We should be aired up and on our way to the dry lake coordinates by about 4pm.

We will have several extended stops on the run to enjoy snacks and scenery! This straight-through trail accesses other easy, scenic trails in the area. It begins as a loose gravel and dirt service road, without any obstacles. We will run into large washouts and deep ruts. It becomes more narrow and bumpy for long stretches once you're over the pass, going downhill. The route travels through a wide-open desert landscape before leading into a hilly section. This run is approximately 17.5 miles. We will be less than 1 mile from the entrance of dry lake.

❓Questions ❓
Please text Patti Zapparolli [masked]) or post a comment below.

👀 Cool Stuff 👀
Check out our swag store
See Desert Wranglers Jeep Club featured on At Your Leisure TV - Desert Wranglers segment starts at 18:19

Happy jeeping and see you soon :)

Wranglers BBQ, Bonfire, and Photo shoot perfect for the whole family

Dear Wranglers,

We would like to extend an invitation to all members of the Club to come out to the Jean Dry lakebed for a day of fun and adventure! As the weather heats up in Las Vegas, we wanted to take advantage of the temperatures and organize a BBQ, Bonfire, and Photoshoot event that is perfect for the whole family.

Bring your Jeep, your kids, your dogs, and anyone else who wants to join in on the fun. Heck, bring grandma and grandpa as long as they own a jeep.

We’ll be building a bonfire to keep warm as the sun sets. At the site, you can if you want to camp out overnight,

We'll also be setting up a photo shoot area, so make sure to bring your cameras and capture some amazing shots of your Jeep against the stunning desert backdrop.

This event is a great opportunity to meet other members of the club, show off your Jeep, and enjoy a day out in the beautiful Nevada wilderness.

We hope to see you all there!

More details to come in the next several weeks. Please sign up early so we can get a good idea of how many wranglers will be attending.

Anyone attending please plan to bring out some firewood please, no pallets with nails, and as always, we will tread lightly on this area.

Date: Sunday, June 4th
Time: 4:00 pm
Location: Jean Dry Lakebed

We will all meet up at 4:00 pm at the coordinates this way we have time to socialize and play around a bit we would like to start the photos and drone shots and all the artsy stuff as Keith likes to call it around 5:00 pm

Here are the GPS Coordinates [masked], [masked] is the spot as long as not taken by the time the leadership team arrives.

This is the area behind the 7 Magic Mountains' off Highway 15 coming from Vegas. You would turn left at the main road just past the Colorful Rocks then turn left again at the hub cap sign or just follow Onx or Gaia via the GPS coordinates.

I will post what the plan is for the BBQ, but please bring Firewood, chairs, snacks, drinks, flashlight and a canopy if you have one. all the typical stuff for a bonfire.

Sat June 10: BBQ and pool party

7633 Spruce Run Ct

Let's eat some good (homemade) smoked BBQ and splash around in the pool, or sit around and swap stories -- on Saturday June 10th, beginning around 3pm and lasting into the night. Desert Wranglers celebrates a bunch of May and June birthdays, so come celebrate at the home of Fred & Gaye in Summerlin.
Fred and Gaye will be cookin' the meats: pork ribs, cedar plank salmon, smoked pork & beef sandwiches, pork & chicken sausages.
Feel free to bring desserts to share.
Bring swimsuits & towels if you want to get wet.
There is limited street parking close to the house, but at the corner of our cul de sac is a long wall with plenty of additional space.
Please do NOT bring small children, because our pool is very deep and not enclosed by a fence.
Please RSVP with the number of adults attending.

🟢 Beginner's 101 Training Run for Level 1 Members, Mt Potosi to Good Springs

Blue Diamond Travel Center LLC

●|||||||● This is a 101 training run and great for all driver levels

Welcome new off-roaders!

If you have never been out on an off-road trail before, this is the run for you! **Even if you have been out before, you will love this run too!

🟡 Jeep/Driver Requirements & Details 🟡

  • This is a Level 1 run, DW Trail Rating: 3
  • Licensed drivers 18+
  • Stock Jeeps and tires are ok, but all terrain tires are HIGHLY recommended.
  • Jeep lift is NOT needed to drive this trail.
  • Pin-striping is possible.
  • Download the waiver form here. One form per Jeep, all passengers must sign.
  • All Jeeps MUST have a spare tire and working 4WD. If you do not have these you will not be able to go on the run.
  • If you are a mid or tail gunner please let Patti know you RSVP'd
  • Trail Badge available for $5 cash after the run.
  • Hat tents for bio break privacy available for $25

🟡 Trail/Club Etiquette 🟡

  • Dogs are to be kept on leashes
  • Do not be late, we will leave without you!
  • If you're unable to attend please update your RSVP to "not going" at least 48 hours before the run. No shows jeopardize your ability to go on future runs.

🟢 What to Bring 🟢

  • Bring EXTRA WATER, snacks.
  • You should have a first aid kit, and wear hiking shoes & long pants.
  • Bring a bag for garbage - you pack out what you pack in, including toilet paper.
  • Our club uses GMRS radio and we recommend you have one for this run, but it is not required - we have spare radio's to loan.

🟡 Trail Run Details 🟡
The end time for the run IS A GUESS, as beginner runs always depend upon how much help new drivers require. Therefore, it is HIGHLY suggested that the days run is the only commitment you have that day. We will not hurry because you have somewhere else to be.

The run will start at the Blue Diamond Travel Center (Chevron). From Hwy 160 we'll head South through the Spring Mountains on Potosi Pass Rd. The trail goes around the western side of Potosi mountain. Sights along the trail include desert vegetation, wildlife and cliff walls. The Southeast section opens up into the flat desert and we'll turn south to head toward Good Springs. This run is approximately 19 miles. We will have several short stops to enjoy snacks and scenery!

There are several steep inclines, gulches/gorges/deep ravines. There is DESERT PIN-STRIPING on this run. Within the last 12 months we have new very rocky obstacles and wash out areas to maneuver. Some fun stuff!

Yes, you and your stock Jeep can handle this run!

🟡 101 Topics Covered 🟡

  • How to air down and back up and why - we will have air compressors, and tire deflators for those that don't have one
  • When and how to go into 4 wheel low/high
  • How to approach a steep hill climb or descent
  • How and when to use the downhill assist feature in your Jeep
  • How to maneuver around and over rocks, v-notches and washout obstacles.
  • What tools, equipment and survival safety gear you should have on future runs
  • Communications on the trail and how to use GMRS radios

❓Questions ❓
Please text Patti Zapparolli [masked]), post a comment or use the event chat.

👀 Additional Resources 👀

Past events (1,196)

Memorial Day Wheelers Pass - Cold Creek to Pahrump

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