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Hello and welcome! My name is Michelle and I am a Level 4 certified and licensed Vibrational Sound Therapy (VST) practitioner through the Vibrational Sound Association. I am happy to create an experience of deep relaxation for you, using vibrational sound bowl therapy. VST facilitates a relaxed sleep state where your body activates its own natural healing abilities and your mind engages creative thought and imagery, intuitive guidance and inner awareness, and higher states of consciousness.

The events posted here will be centered around my VST work via sound baths, pop-up bowl sessions, off-site bowl sessions in natural settings, and festivals where participants can experience on and off body bowl work.

These events may be fee'd, or by donation and each meetup posted will include those details so there are no surprises. *Please be sure you read the refund/cancellation policy before registering for an event in any group on MeetUp. Late cancellations and "no shows" are a big problem throughout MeetUp and our group policies are strictly adhered to in order to respect both event organizers and participant's time and contributions.

If you wish to learn more about individual sessions with me, please visit my website for session types and prices.

***What's so special about the bowls I use?  ***For sound baths, I use both traditional singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, and Zen Therapeutic Himalayan singing bowls, which are different from traditional Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowls because their design focus is for maximum vibration. My private sessions are 100% on-body bowl work, and part of my sound baths include on-body bowl work for each participant, in which I use Zen Therapeutic bowls. They are the first singing bowls in the world created specifically for vibrational sound therapy, engineered for vibration and sustained vibration lasting far longer than most traditional singing bowls. Not only are they designed for maximum, sustained vibration but also for directing the bowl’s vibration down and into your body (vs. singing bowls designed for enhancing and projecting sound outward). I carefully chose each of my bowls for their vibration, resonance, and sound. Each bowl has its own vibration into your body along with a soothing sound and pace for a relaxing, effective experience. It’s hard to deny the natural power of the sound produced by these beautiful instruments and you will fully appreciate the effect of their sound quality and powerful vibrations during your session.

Experiencing these bowls on or around your body will move you into a state of profound relaxation. The vibrational energy of the bowls facilitates the deep alpha, theta, and delta states of rest which can activate your body’s own healing abilities and higher states of consciousness.

I hope to meet you soon to share the experience of vibrational sound bowl therapy! In sound vibes, your happy-bowl-lucky VST practitioner,

Michelle :)
Contact: 760-832-0105 

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