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What we’re about

This group is primarily for South Asian couples in Greater Seattle area. We welcome young couples who are new to Seattle or looking for couple groups to interact with. We as a couple are looking to build a community to expand our social networks and make friendships. Some of the common organizing events would be group potlucks, movies, concerts, hiking and much more. 
Please have a proper profile picture of yours to join the group so that it is easy for us to identify and avoid any fake profiles.


  1. We strive to maintain a healthy and respectful environment for the group members. We request your co-operation as we would not tolerate any form of discrimination.
  2. We expect if you are joining the group that means you are looking to actively participate in the events. We understand there could be personal situations but we strongly recommend to let us know at least 48 hours before if you want to change your RSVP.
  3. This group is only for couples, no singles allowed. If you are joining, we expect you would be attending the events with your better half. If you are looking to join singles group please follow the below link:
  4. No form of promotions/spamming/ advertising is allowed in any form
  5. Please avoid posting links to other WhatsApp or any other groups utilizing this platform.
  6. If you want to organize any event using this meetup platform please know that you will need to support the owner with a partial meetup annual fee. Please get in touch before you plan.