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What we’re about

Sam feels anxious because he does not feel secure in his romantic relationship. Annie feels like she cannot cope with the loss of her job. Experiences of unresolved mental pain are far too numerous in the modern world.

To make things worse, we are particularly adept at distracting ourselves from mental pain. The current systems for supporting us through such challenges are either absent or inadequate for careseekers, caregivers, and their larger communities.

This needs to change.

The world is facing two big mental health crises: a crisis of purpose, and a crisis of love. By recognizing this, we can (more) easily build systems of change that engineer awareness, receptiveness, and gratitude, reinforcing all of those in a positive virtuous cycle of action.

I’m organizing this meetup to create a space through which to share education and advice around how to use Design and Artificial Intelligence to solve for Good Mental Health. Initially, this may take the form of a short online on in-person talk, and will expand to conversations with cross-disciplinary experts who have a story or a point-of-view about these topics to share.

Please join if you’re interested in Good Mental Health for yourself or for someone else.