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We will discuss and proactive 'GV Design Sprint (https://www.gv.com/sprint/)' methodology

According to google

The Design Sprint is a proven methodology for solving problems through designing, prototyping, and testing ideas with users. Design Sprints quickly align teams under a shared vision with clearly defined goals and deliverables. Ultimately, it is a tool for developing a hypothesis, prototyping an idea, and testing it rapidly with as little investment as possible in as real an environment as possible.

The Design Sprint methodology was developed at Google from a vision to grow UX culture and the practice of design leadership across the organization. Multiple teams within Google experimented with different methods from traditional UX practice, IDEO, the Stanford dSchool, business strategy, and even psychology, applying them to support divergent and convergent thinking with teams. The resulting framework and set of methods is flexible, and teams are continuing to adapt it based on different goals and organizational cultures.

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