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What we’re about

Today we live in a design centric world where everything is designed, from Designer Handbags to iphones to the customer experience on a website or flying a plane.

Design is the beginning of the journey in the Design, Build, Operate, Evolve lifecycle of an organisation.

Our aim with this group is to bring together thought leadership across all the disciplines and help people create joined up thinking and holistic design. 

So whether you are looking to make your products and services more customer centric, change user behaviour or evolve to the next version of your product or service or develop a new business model/business this group is for you.

Come and hear about new trends and techniques, discover best practise, share experience with people and their design journeys as they develop new products, services or businesses.

We cover topics such as design thinking, service design, design sprints, innovation, nudge, neuroscience, green technology, systems thinking.

Networking is an important part of learning and sharing and so do come and meet new people.

Our aim to build a vibrant community aimed at improving the world be it a new product/service or the way it is designed and built.

Joined up thinking and in general a end to end solution/approach to making things and places better;  then you have come to the right place