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Designing for Access


TICKETS & INFO ON THE D+G SITE: https://designersandgeeks.com/events/designing-for-access Please note that you must have a ticket from the D+G Site (purchasable through our Eventbrite) to attend. RSVP'ing on Meetup alone will not get you in. ------------------------------------------ This session of Designers + Geeks will be co-hosted by the phenomenal Women Talk Design community. We'll be looking at the theme of "access" from different perspectives - accessibility of products, access to financial services, designing workplace cultures for diversity, and more. Join us for a set of fun and informative talks on these important topics. ----- ALANA WASHINGTON | Strategy Lead, Data Experience Design at Capital One Alana is equal parts design leader, strategist, and researcher. Currently, she’s working in a Data Experience Design (DXD) practice at Capital One, leading a growing team of design strategists, front-end engineers, and data visualization experts. The DXD team is closely partnered with the engineers and business managers who are working on the most challenging of problems in Banking & AI (from chat bots to deep learning). ----- LAUREL BEYERS | Principal Product Designer at Nyansa Designing for Dyslexics Accessibility is commonly associated with human impairments and how to make experiences obtainable to all. However, Dyslexia is something commonly overlooked in digital experiences even though it could be affecting up to 20% of the world’s population. As someone who is Dyslexic, Laurel is excited to share how this learning condition affects people and how we can design better experiences to empower them. Laurel is a product designer who values honesty and vulnerability in all facets of her life and career. Learning to combat Dyslexia from a young age, she aims to spread awareness of the condition and how it's affected by digital products. This topic is one of many that she is passionate about exploring when speaking; along with personal growth, UX/UI, leadership, and the realities of working in design. Her goal is to help designers gain the confidence, critical thinking and know-how one needs in the field to excel and truly help others. Laurel most recently spoke at VioletHacks about the design process and at Citrix about pedigree bias. Five years into her career, Laurel is the Principal Product Designer at Nyansa driving user-centered design practices; before that, she was a designer at ZURB. Her journey through theater arts, graphic/UX design, and Dyslexia has given her a unique perspective in the field, that she utilizes at work and when speaking. She is actively involved in the design community through mentoring and co-organizing the Day One Design group and the UXSouthBay meetup. Laurel excels in crafting meaningful experiences and uniting people to grow, empathize and be open together. ----- CHARLIE BARTLETT | Author, Designer, Organizer Mx Charlie Bartlett is a black biracial, queer, trans non-binary writer, reader, digital artist and public speaker. They write and speak on topics such as gender, relationships , authenticity, personal growth and race. Born and raised in London, Charlie now lives and works in San Francisco, writing, making digital art, selling books and facilitating bookclubs. You can find them tweeting about struggling to put their phone down: @mxcharlieb ------------------------------------------ Connect We post discounts & freebies here: • Our Newsletter http://eepurl.com/eNMs-/ • Designers + Geeks Facebook https://www.facebook.com/designersandgeeks • @DesignersGeeks https://twitter.com/DesignersGeeks

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