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What we’re about

There are a lot of desis in the area but its hard to meet with anybody. This group would hopefully help meet with other desis who wanna have fun 
All desis who like to have fun can join this group 

We plan to have activities like Game Nights, Board games,  Poker, Outdoor activities, hiking etc.

A few additions done on Feb 13th 2020


1. This is not a passive group i.e. I have seen groups which has 1000 or so members but only 5-6 people show up for events so I request you not just be a member but also participate. 

So I introduce a rule to RSVP Yes or No to the events. ( NO also) so that we know that you are not sleeping out there. :)

2. To increase participation, I would create a coffee meetup to welcome a certain member within 2 weeks of that member joining. All are welcome to come to that. That meetup would be in Folsom/EDH area and according to the time you mentioned in your profile as being suitable for you. If you can't make it then respectfully post it there why and let me know when would be a good time to have that meetup.

If you can't meet existing members within 2 weeks, I wonder what's the point of joining this group anyway.

3. If You RSVP Yes, and you want to make it No, then you can change it to No at most 24 hrs in advance. 

4. Other members and organizers spend considerable time and energy to get this group going. Lets respect everybody and ensure that everybody has a good time.


Sorry for this boring talk. Lets START THE FUN.

PS: I may start charging 20 USD as membership fee soon to meet the expenses of the meetup group subscription.