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​This is a group for anyone interested in blockchain and the next generation of web technology. Web 3 is the vision of the serverless internet, the decentralized web.

This meetup will host both formal and informal events in which members are encouraged to discuss, learn, and coordinate activities within the blockchain and wider web 3 communities. If you are a developer interested in the intersection of blockchain, NFTs, DeFi, and many more, this will be a great meetup group to join and participate in.
Designers, Marketers, Developers, Product Managers, Students all are welcome no matter your background.
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Blockchain & Gaming

Needs a location

In this event, participants will learn all about the latest tendencies in Gaming & Blockchain. Two hours of talks from people actually building games in the Blockchain Space: tokenomics, security, scalability...


Interoperability through standardization
By Alex Puig

  • The importance of getting the Tokenomics right for a game

By Patxi Barrios - COO @ Metasoccer

  • Experience: From the Gaming Industry to the Blockchain Jungle

By Matthew Ryan - CTO @ First Light Games (Blast Royale)

  • Guilds, present & Future


  • Decentralized oracles for blockchain games

Sergi Rey - Account Executive @ Chainlink Labs

  • Panel: Key aspects of investing in Games.

Dylan Sharkey - Zen Capital
Amos Meiri - Node Capital

  • 7pm: Networking - Food and Beers

Big thanks to our supporters: Metasoccer, ChainLink, and Aticco.

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Intro to Lens Protocol

Needs a location

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