101 Zero-knowledge technology: All you wanted to know!

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## When & Where
02/04/2019 - 18.30
Caelum Labs office
Carrer Reina Cristina, 11
1st floor, 1st door.

# Description
During this meetup, José and Marta will introduce us to the zero-knowledge technology (what it is and what properties a zero-knwoledge test must fulfill). We will focus on the elements of the zk-SNARKs protocol. In particular, we will explain why it works (in what cases can be applied) this protocol, we will talk about logic and arthritic circuits, we will see how from these circuits all polynomials can be generated and we will introduce the topic of the famous "trusted setup". Finally, in the generation of the zk-SNARK test, the use of elliptical curve cryptography and the idea of homomorphic encryption are necessary. We will explain the main ideas of these types of cryptography and what role it plays in this protocol.

# Preliminary agenda
18.30h - Presentation
18.35h - Zero-knowledge technology: Zero knowledge test, zk-SNARKs, elliptic curve, homomorphic encryption and more.
19.15h - Q&A
19.30h - Beers :)

## Who are José Luis and Marta Bellés?
José Luis Muñoz: PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from the UPC and professor in the Department of Telematics Engineering at the UPC. His research work focuses on the field of network security, cryptography and applications for blockchain. In this area, he is the co-author of dozens of articles in magazines and congresses, as well as project evaluator for the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda.

Marta Bellés: She studied mathematics degree at the UAB and master's degree in Denmark focused on the study of elliptic curves and its uses to cryptography. She returned to Catalonia during the summer of 2018 and started to work at iden3, a Self-sovereign identity project based on Blockchain and zero-knowledge proofs to guarantee the privacy. Apart from that, she works as an associated teacher on Maths at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

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