DevDay Chennai December 2018

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In this edition of DevDay we will be doing a deep dive into the technologies behind some of the prototypes built during our recent DevMerge hackathon.

6:30pm - Lessons from attempting to build a Smart Copilot for developers - Ashwanth Kumar
We attempted to build a smart copilot at the recent DevMerge hackathon. A copilot is a tool that integrates with IDEs to help improve code completion using AI. I wanted to share my learnings from the outset of the problem statement to getting a simple prototype done by 24 hours.

7:30pm - Computer Vision, AI, and Real-Time Communication for Enhanced Commuter’s Safety - Himanshu, Harsh and Paritosh

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision opens exciting doors to solutions that can revolutionize the way we have been dealing with safety of commuters. Real-Time communication systems converts this capability into a much powerful system altogether. Join us this meet up and dive into the various technologies and ways in which can completely redefine safety.

8:30pm - dinner and networking